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101 plot-hooks for circa 1969 London

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  • 101 plot-hooks for circa 1969 London

    I'm thinking of starting an occult investigation in what I'd call "Highgate Vampire era London". That would be late 60s to early 70s. Also the time Wicca was gaining popularity and the start of a satanic craze in pop culture. This would be set in the World of Darkness, principally using 20th material like Hunters Hunted 2 and the recently released Ghost Hunter. But also the original Halls of the Arcanum and Sorcerer books. But no need to make your plot-hooks WoD related. I'm sure any cool idea you might have could easily be adapted.

    1. Unused tube station haunted by an Egyptian princess:

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    2: The Changeling Thing: This is the year the Sidhe return from Arcadia, so from the perspective of human investigators, there's probably a sudden spate of strange public disturbances, people undergoing sudden personality changes, and other odd events which seem to have no rhyme nor reason unless one is especially well versed in local folklore, psychically sensitive, or otherwise especially aware of unusual energies.

    3: An American Werewolf in London: The entire film can fairly easily be backdated a decade.

    4: The Stones in the Park: The July 5th concert in Hyde Park, the Stones' first in two years, initially meant to introduce new guitarist Mick Taylor but ended up being a tribute show to the late Brian Jones. It also included King Crimson and a few other groups, and had the Hell's Angels providing stage security (just as they would at the infamous Altamont concert in California later that year). Probably less of a plot hook than just something interesting to happen in the background. On the other hand, the restless dead like to feed on the pathos generated by such memorials.

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