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DtF Earthbound as KotE Yama King?

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  • DtF Earthbound as KotE Yama King?

    Yama King is simply a title which can be held by any sort of supernaturals.

    Some extremely great fallens (Archduke Great Beast Belial for example) have strong presence in Middle Kingdom and it may be no problem to hold such.

    Although both lines heavily contradict and don’t interact each other.
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    The contradictions tend to be in the vague mythic past of the lines which are always contradictory.

    As for an Earthbound becoming a Yama King, yes it would be possible. The only criteria for becoming a Yama King is to create and/or gain control of a realm in the Thousand Hells. Several of the notable Kings were not originally of their kind but became them.

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      The whole point of the Earthbound in DtF, is that they're very powerful Elohim spirits that somehow were able to break out the DtF version of the "Abyss" early (as in, much before the Week of Nightmares event), and became bound to specific objects on Earth. These objects then went on to be "pagan" idols for humans and apparently with DtF logic, all pagan religions and/or beliefs stem from the Earthbound and nothing else. Stupid, I know.

      With that in mind, Earthbound couldn't possibly be Yama Kings because:

      A) The Yama Kings are completely diverged from DtF lore and were never sent to an "Abyss". They've been pretty active throughout oWoD.

      B) Again, Earthbound are per their name, bound to the Earth only. They never and cannot interact with the Middle Umbra, which is extremely important to be a Yama King.

      C) DtF has never acknowledged the Thousand Hells or the Middle Umbra itself. It never even acknowledged the High Umbra to begin with either. All DtF interacted with was the Low Umbra and in a very poor way at that.

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        Originally posted by Shakanaka View Post
        With that in mind, Earthbound couldn't possibly be Yama Kings because:
        I think that's a forcefully limited vision of DtF.

        1 - It never said all pagan religions are Earthbounds. It stated a limited number of Earthbounds that got worship. As far as DtF lore goes, they can be extremely limited as religions;

        2 - It isn't impossible, either, for Fallen to change their True or Celestial name over time. Although it isn't a simple or quick process, on their long history the Earthbound could have impersonated gods as much or more frequently than they really got to be worshiped as themselves;

        3 - The Erathbound are described as many having been very active through human history, so there definitely could have been one around in time and place to become a Yama King;

        4 - Nowhere at all is said that Earthbounds can't interact with the Middle Umbra. They are called that because they're bound to objects, not humans, and not because they're bound to a given dimension. This bounding is just the anchor to keep them out of the Abyss;

        5 - Vampire in general don't state interactions with any Umbra or the Thousand Hells, and yet it never meant they are completely barred from those realms and there is strong speculation that the Yama King Ravana is a Kindred.

        Demon is an independent game line and had no reason to delve into lore of other lines or time to explore concepts already explored by others. The entire line had less than a year and a half to deliver everything it could about itself.

        You can read the lack of specification as meaning they couldn't interact with other Umbrae. You can't say this is the only possible or even more likely reading.

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          I mean in a shared World of Darkness, probably.

          They wouldn't be Earthbound, though, but the Archdemons still trapped in Hell.

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