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When To Make Willpower Rolls

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  • When To Make Willpower Rolls

    I've been running WoD games for quite awhile now, and one thing I've noticed is very few books call out when to roll Willpower, and what some example effects of failing might be. There are multiple Merits that make Willpower rolls easier, so I'm assuming Willpower rolls must be common enough to have specific Merits to reflect them. So when do people usually have a target roll Willpower, and what are the consequences of failure?

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    I think a big part of it is that there isn't a lot of WP rolling for "mundane" things, and frequently when there is you can spend WP or roll it, and spending is better unless your ST is hard on WP recovery. A lot of WP rolls are also pretty binary because you're resisting something, like keeping a Derangement from triggering during a scene, so the consequences of failing are pretty straight forward.

    When it comes to supernaturals? Rolling WP is all over the map, but usually part of specific subsystems or supernatural rules, and again, the consequences are pretty directly obvious. When a Mage attacks you with Mind magic and you soak with Willpower instead of Stamina... how much damage you take is on the line.