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Orpheus and the Second Inquisition

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  • Orpheus and the Second Inquisition

    Been reading both wraith 20 and VtM5 and I got a sneaking suspicion that the NSA has tapped thier projector assets to assist with the blank bodies. How does every one feel about that, and what that could spell for the future.

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    i honestly think that could be very interesting, both as a storyteller and player, and might work to really connect 'wraith' and 'vampire' better than before.
    (and it opens the second inquisition up to some fascinating notions of sabotage.)



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      Something like this is in the original Orpheus books. Orpheus was under contract to the NSA for cheap grey/black Ops.
      What with the initial illegal experiments getting funding from the NSA.

      After metaplot happens and the Orpheus Group is dissolved, there is a whole alphabet soup of interested government parties that basically scavenge the corpse for anything useful. 2-3 books later, the Army 'wins' and they start using Orpheus stuff in "Project Black Mercury", but that is under the assumption the rest of the World of Darkness doesn't interfere.The Second Inquisition could easily change the outcome...or drag the Army into the Inquisition.

      Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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        Orpheus past members and similar talented groups woud make them excellent spies for Second Inquisition.