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    I'm starting campaign in Chicago, where SI would work from the shadows gathering info during first sessions and I'm going to let players know what's coming, and I'm building the team of soldiers to confront the players. I'd like to have diversitive antagonists and I'd like to share my first npc idea for Gm's interested in using them. The clue is that they have their own past that could be used by players to survive the incoming war. I've been following the idea from Tremere chantry assault where spec ops were combined from different countries so my team would be the same. So I'd be greatful for any ideas and ready npc's. Thank You.

    First one is from my country (that is easier for me to create):

    Name: Stefan Wojnarowicz
    Soldier from Special Forces AGAT - Assault Company A. ,,Strength and fire. Only ashes after us."
    Rank: Captain
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male.
    5'6 height 176 pounds
    Hairs brown, eyes brown.
    Role: Demolition specialist.

    Short Bio: Born in Poland in Gliwice. Graduated from university - Military Technical Academy in the chemistry department. He joined AGAT in 1 july 2011 when first companies has been created.
    During his service he was trained in special recognition, direct actions, combating terrorism, mountain warfare, fighting armoured equipment, anti-air combat, urban combat, finished SERE courses.
    Speaking polish, english and german fluently.
    Decorated with Cross of Merit for Bravery and Cross of Valour for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    How he joined the Firstlight and hooks for players:

    During service, he married Joanna and they have 5 year old daughter names Agata. After Afghanistan he had three months free from active service so he enjoyed free time in Bieszczady mountains. One fatal night he went to hospital with daughter who got a fever and his wife stayed in summer house. Joanna became a victim of Sabat pack assault and they sucked her dry and left embraced. Soon Stefan was atacked by former wife and barely survived guarding his daughter. After the incident he has nervous breakdown but AGAT command was very interested in his story. Good relations with other special forces from Poland and other countires, built on shared service in Iraq and Afghanistan, made that some info shared in personal relationship leaked about what is going on in London and Berlin, and what SAS in Britain done, how they managed to clean up the city from unknown plague - blank bodies.
    So the top of command brought together the facts and by any means they get the info from their military allies about Firstlight.
    Wanting to show solidarity they appointed group of operators ready to combat the blanks. By everyone;s suprise Stefan volunteered himself after series of tests and psychological sessions.
    He was assigned in Chicago to undercover work as builder in polish community when he found that they are sometimes speaking about mysterious figure called by many names (Nosferatu Martin). So far he gathering informations necessary to capture and interrogate this men.

    Hooks: Daughter Agata, she's terrified and sad child, and her relations with Stefan are bad at best (daddy killed mommy).
    Not so healthy - he keep himself , but it's not so good as it looks. His training and connections helped him to come back to service but he's not mentally ready. During combat his automatism will be deadly but in social confrontations he could be broken.
    Martin - confrontation with polish nosferatu who was in Union of Armed Struggle would be too much to handle cause of discrepancy - patriotic monster.
    Stefan is convinced that the blank bodies are inhuman and monstrous, civilized conversations with such thing could make him stop.

    Strength 3 Charisma 3 Intelligence 3
    Dexterity 4 Manipuation 2 Wits 3
    Stamina 4 Composure 4 Resolve 4

    Athletics 4 long march Etiquette 4 army Academics 4 military
    Brawl 4 boxing Insight 2 Awarness 3
    Crafts 3 Intimidation 2 Investigation 1
    Drive 3 Leadership 3 Medicine 1
    Firearms 4 pistols Persuasion 3 Science 4 chemistry
    Melee 4 knifes Subterfuge 2 Technology 2
    Stealth 3
    Survival 4 forest

    Willpower 8
    Health 7

    HK USP Pistol (damage +2),
    MP 5 (damage +3)
    Ka-bara knife (gift from friend, damage +2 )