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  • Place for lore reading?

    I haven't played in decades and am looking to catch up on the lore and see what version of the game I'd like to play again. Is there anywhere I can read what has happened in the world? Not looking for game system style so much as I am looking for what is going on in the world if that makes sense. These books are quite expensive and vast to just be buying not knowing what I am in for. Any help would be great, thank you very much.

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    I use the fandom White Wolf Wiki, but there are definite limitations. Sometimes it won't have the most up to date information, sometimes it gets things wrong. But if you're trying to get a handle on things without spending, it's not a bad place to start, especially when they provide sources that you can follow up with to get a clearer picture.

    White Wolf Wiki | Fandom


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      Definitely that, and asking here also helps. The wiki has some big problems for a more thorough project like some people here engage in, but for catching up it is extremely useful, then you can throw here your doubts, questions, remarks, etc.

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        And if you find an error on the Fandom wiki, please edit and correct it.

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          Aside from the wiki sometimes bungling up some edition stuff, or lots of unsourced information, it is generally fine.