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What kind of books would you like in the future?

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  • W:TA - Mockery Breeds: Focuses on the mockery breeds created by Pentex and its minions. Along with the chance of at least one of them joining Gaia.

    See my splat, Angel: The Revelation (With a MUCH better link):


    • A book that would help the crossover storytellers to run their games smoothly.


      • Originally posted by Rudy23 View Post
        A book that would help the crossover storytellers to run their games smoothly.
        Not going with "highest rated power wins" would be a nice start...


        • Mage: TA
          -Guide to the Disparate Alliance (Come on, they need it.)

          See my splat, Angel: The Revelation (With a MUCH better link):


          • a.k.a. “Disparates, Unite!”

            Not that I think they would, mind you…


            • For Vampire:
              Guide to the Sabbat
              Really needs an overhaul. Near Dark was scary for it's time, but redneck vampire rampage could use some rethinking today.
              Blood Magic 2
              Instead of details on the magic itself, instead make this an 'adventure' book. The main clans that use various forms of Blood Magic competing for a prize that promises to increase their powers. (or at least the powers of their elders.) Basically, Giovanni, vs Tremere, vs Old Clan Tsimisce, with a scattering of Settites and Assamites.

              For Werewolf:
              Rage Across... focusing on the Ahadi. It's rise, and the challenges it faces.
              This was one that sounded like it was picking up steam before the change over to the new WoD.
              While most of the Breedbooks were pretty awesome,
              Nuwisha and Bastet are both showing their age.
              Nuwisha was so heavily reliant on other books, at times it seems like 'the Ragabash tribe with no Rage'
              Bastet just has some goofy things that need to be addressed, and possibly the Ajaba spun into their own Breedbook.
              (Why do the Swara get to step sideways early due to 'ties with the land', while the Pumonca make a much bigger deal about that? Why does the Kahn yava mention their ties with the Sun, when the Simba are the 'Lords of Sunlight' and have definitive ties with the sun in several mythologies? Why are some Yava pointless, and others debilitating?)
              PS: forcably dump the 'eyes of Gaia' thing. It's so obviously untrue of most of the Bastet Tribes that it seems pretty weird to have Silent Striders thinking that's the role of the Simba, or Shadow Lords claiming that to be the role of the Kahn, or either of them agreeing with it.

              Kitsune Breedbook
              While they are currently Asia only, other than a few strays, they could easily be spread out. I don't think Luna created them to hide in a corner while the world goes to crap.

              WoD: Sorcerer
              While Sorcerer Revised did a fair job on collecting most Numina under one banner, even at the time it was showing signs of being a little rushed. In this case, there's a whole thread of talk back and forth, and has been mentioned before in this thread. Knock it back out of the Mage banner, there's too much potential in it elsewhere, and really not as much under Mage.


              • Mage The Ascension: The War for Horizon.
                a module with details of how the horizon war took place while everything went AWOL.

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                • An armory/combat book. Detailing differences between hollow points and regular bullets for example or how damage a broken bottle does.

                  Also, i would like to see 5th edition running a tighter ship, where you have the core gameline with stuff like general rules and for example the armory book mentioned above. Something all gamelines can benefit from.

                  English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


                  • I want a WOD 20 book which includes all the small splat books like bestial bygones and midnight carnival and all the rest of the book that never had a core splat book to attach too.

                    Prehistory books for mage/vampire/changeling/demon/wraith/hunter - a book that gives you the rules to play as someone from the beginning of time or at least as close as the writers can get too.
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                    • For C20 I'd like to see books covering Continental Europe and Mexico as well as more of North America. I'd like a big book covering the Native American Fay, not just the tribes from the Players Guide, but also the kith from Kingdom of Willows, Mexican Fay (Rain Dancers would be nice), and fix the Menehune (for starters they should all be invisible and they need a system for taboos).

                      For M20 I'd like to see works like Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure but covering sets of Genres. Example: The first book could cover, Noir, Action, Urban Fantasy, and Twenty-Minuets-into-the-Future Sci Fi. The second book could cover Space Opera, Planetary Romance, Time Travel, and High Fantasy. Each book would do about sixty pages on each on a related set of genres with the last 15 pages being a worked out setting.

                      I'd also like to see splatbooks on the Disparates and the Five Elemental Dragons.

                      For W20 those Guilds not covered in the original Wraith. Chantures especially.

                      For Were20 give me some worked out Cearns described as playable settings and modles for making by own Caerns. Think about the books on Freeholds and Chantries.

                      For all these lines I'll take a Sci Fi setting each, Reprints and extra details on the historical settings, and books covering setting up a master level PC (think of the books on Elder Vamps, give us the 10/7/5 level as opposed to the starter 7/5/3 level)


                      • I'd like a M20/C20 crossover of some sort. Possibly have it double as an “urban fantasy” genre book.


                        • Originally posted by Yaoi Huntress Earth View Post
                          W:TA - Mockery Breeds: Focuses on the mockery breeds created by Pentex and its minions. Along with the chance of at least one of them joining Gaia.
                          I'd pay good money for this. I absolutely love the Mockery Breeds.
                          Other than that, I want a good Sorcery book.


                          • C20: The Shattering - Part guide, part adventure that leads from DA: Fae, through the Shattering, and into the Interregnum. In theory, you'd be able to play a faerie soul through various incarnations, but get the pleasure of creating new characters at the same time.

                            Wr20: Guildbooks - Finishing the series.

                            V20 Clanbook: Baali - The original DA book on the Baali was one of my favourites. I'd love a modern take on the bloodline, exploring their connections to the Assamites, Salubri and Lasombra, as well as the rich pantheon of gods and demons they worship/serve/placate. The Children were mostly forgotten about after the first Clanbook, and I think that's a shame. They were sort-of-Malfean, sort-of-Antediluvian, sort-of-Earthbound, but more interesting than any one of those answers alone. When their infernal masters 'just' because Earthbound, it was far less interesting. Alternatively, you could expand this into an infernal sourcebook for vampires in general. Call it Twice Damned or Double Damned: The Infernalist's Handbook, for instance.

                            Immortals - An update on the non-MTR mummies from across cultures. You could throw in non-Asian Wan Kuei analogues too. It strikes me as unlikely that the Cabiri etc would renew their own Spell of Life like the Amenti did. There also the old-school mummies who refused the new Spell of Life--what are they up to now?