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Which Creature/Group would "Blank" Fictional Character would be in?

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  • Originally posted by Yaoi Huntress Earth View Post
    What about Adrian Monk from the show, Monk?

    EDIT: I can see Jurgen from the second season of TellTale's Sam & Max game series (he started out in Night of the Raving Dead) as either a Toreador poser or a Caitiff (who tries to fake being a Torre). He'd have some skills in Thameturgy (sp) to account for his necromatic abilities.
    possibly a mage, orphan with some paradox drawbacks

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    • Watching Iron Fist, and I'm getting strong Akashic Brotherhood and Kuei Jin vibes from it.

      In a good way.


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      • Dr. Angus Bumby (the Alice game series) would surprise the Technocracy by choosing to be a Syndricate (or whatever they were called back then). He would claim he's helping the market by giving troubled and orphaned kids a chance to forget their pain and go on to become healthy, functioning adults with a purpose. Which would fit the Convention's desire to bring comfort to the masses. When he's really minding-wiping them to become child sex slaves to satisfy his cruelty and line his pockets.

        And if he survives his convention's wrath when they find out, he'd run to the Nephandi.

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