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Which Creature/Group would "Blank" Fictional Character would be in?

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  • Originally posted by Kat View Post
    Dio is obviously a powerful Caitiff. He has equivalent of Potence, Vicissitude, Presence (CHARISMA), Temporis, prolly Animalism (because of Pet Shop). 6th Gen at least.

    As for Pillar Men, they are in my opinion Mezoamerican off-shoot of Tzimisce.

    Hamon users posses Fist of God Merit, being blessed by Helios (as in Celestines), because IMO not only shifters can gain favor of powerful spirit beings.

    Diego Brando is Mokole shifter, that's obvious.
    Don't forget, DIO need chimistry to physically manifest his stand.


    • Hatsune Miku is a machine spirit
      The Imperium of Man is the technocratic union
      Orks are Redcaps
      Eldar are Shide
      Adeptus mechanicus are etherites
      Necrons are threat null


      • At this point we all know that Alex Jones is a grifter, therefore he's syndicate


        • Mr House from Fallout: New Vegas is a syndicate mage with 5 dots in Entropy. He used his enlightened science to survive the Pentax/Special Product division induced Nuclear war.


          • Kilgrave From Jessica Jones is a Progenitor experiment with the equivalent of Dominate 3+
            Ultron from avengers is a autopolitan
            Dragon Ball Z and Super entirely consists of Akashiks and Entities from the deep umbra


            • Equius Zahhak Is a Venture b100 B100d. Kanaya is a Recent Toreador with a focus on Celerity. Nepeta is a Gangrel. Karkat Vantas is either a Saulot that tries very hard to hide his Bloodline or a Catriff with a mutation that causes his Vitae to be Lime green.

              I always imagined young Ventrue acting like Equius.


              • Now that I think about it, Bradford Buzzard (Ducktales reboot) would be a member of the NWO until even they're turned off by his need for "order". So he opts to leave and creates FOWL as a rouge technocratic organization. The Phantom Blot would be a Hunter (Avenger) who specializes in taking out Mages (he has no problem in helping the Mage's rivals, the Technocracy).
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                • I wonder what the characters from Digimon Data Squad and from Di-Gata Defenders would be.

                  As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
                  First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
                  Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


                  • Digital Chimera? Or Spirts from the internet dimension.

                    Bykura togami is a Ventrue