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    Originally posted by theoutlander523 View Post

    Might have subconsciously put some stuff in there, but I mostly used Mage the Awakening, Ars Magica, and the Sorcerer Revised as inspiration. Tried to go with the whole idea that Sorcery doesn't give you techniques, it gives results. So each path requires you know the ward requisite rating for using it in the Path and doesn't transfer between Paths. Also put in holes and unequal balance in the Paths to represent the problems with Hermetic theory.
    I never could get into the new World of Darkness. Thought it was on a good track with Precinct 13, but just couldn't get into the setting with Vampire or Werewolf and so stopped there. Might be that some of the ideas from Sorcerer's Crusade were related to the others. Or I might just be seeing things that aren't there, as I never really managed to get a Mage historical game off the ground.


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      Well Mage is inspired by Ars Magica, as is most of magic in WoD and CofD. Like the Blood Magic in VtR is literally a variant of Ars Magica's magic. So it's all related in some way I suppose.

      Check out my Sorcerer 20th homebrew and my update to Highlander: the Gathering for 20th Anniversary edition.


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        Just a brief note: there's now a Storyteller's Vault product that takes on the updating of Sorcerer to M20 standards: Sorcerer: Paths of Power. I'd be interested in what others think of it.

        Personally, I really like it. I'd probably still use some of the suggestions from this thread to amp up sorcerers a bit more, largely because I prefer to think of them as their own thing rather than the poor man's mage; but for the most part, what's in the supplement is solid.