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  • Ambrosia
    started a topic Alternative armor system

    Alternative armor system


    There is one core rule in CWoD that always has struck me as odd and not very well thought out.
    And that system is: Armor.

    Armor is rather unimpressive in all aspects. While it allows mortals to soak lethal damage, in the case of most supernaturals it merely acts as a few additional stamina dice for soaking.
    Add to the fact that no matter if you wear a leather jacket or the bestetest of Technocracy super armors, your armor might completely fail you simply because the dice don't like you - and even worse - failing on top of your dodge roll already becoming worse because you get a dex impact, your armor just killed you. What.
    Armor in CWoD simply is not impressive, and not feeling like it is proper armor to its RL counterparts.

    Here is my approach to change that. And it's dead simple to do so.

    First off we have to consider three basic variants of armor:

    Soft Armor
    Be it thicker clothes, classic leather armor, folded paper armor or what have you, these types of armor pretty much protect the wearer from some harm, but are subjet to wear and tear. They more often than not simply lessen the damage you get instead of negating or changing it.

    These armors remain as they are: Extra soak dice. By their very nature they are not very uniform in their damage absorption, but they are light, and allow people to soak some things they normally couldn't.

    The rating of these armors gets dropped by 1 after every combat scene where the armor was hit and the wearer was not able to soak all damage, mirroring the need for repairs. Repairs are usually quick and easy to do, even if it turns the armor into patchwork.

    Flexible, Reinforced armor
    Ballistic vests are a prime example of these. Modern ballistic vests, light and heavy, are beasts. You can pelt them with 1 bullet or 100 bullets, and they still do their job unless something actually gets through; However, unlike the movies, you won't simply shrug off shots; The kinetic force gets spread out but still hits you like a truck. People end up on the floor with broken ribs..but they end up alive. The armor did its job. Chainmail armor would work along the same lines, as would makeshift armor with inserted metal plates or similiar constructs.

    To mimic this, these armors turn a fixed amount of lethal damage into bashing damage, equaling their armor rating. The bashing damage gets soaked with normal stamina. The lethal damage that makes it through in case the damage was higher than the armor rating gets handled separately.

    Incoming damage that is already bashing gets soaked automatically by the armor rating, like Hard Armor below does for all damage types.

    The rating of these armors drops by 1 after every combat scene where the armor was hit with a higher damage roll result than the rating of the armor, simulating a shot or stab actually piercing a hole, since some lethal damage made it through. Repairs can be fast in cases where the armor holds exchangeable kinetic plates or components, but might become very complicated if the armor is a sort of complex modern material.

    Hard Armor
    Hardsuits, full plate armor, the heavy duty stuff.

    The ratings of these armors get treated like the durabiliy rating of objects: The armors negate a fixed amount of damage equaling their rating, period.

    The rating of these armors drop by 1 after every combat scene where the armor was hit with a higher damage roll result than the rating of the armor. Repairs of this kind of armor are expensive and need a lot of time and equipment.

    Aggravated damage is treated as Lethal damage in the context of all three armor types, except when logic dictates that the armor cannot protect against the source of the aggravated damage. Your chainmail won't do you any good when you are on fire.

    This system also makes aimed shots at non-armored parts of the body, or special weapons that can pierce a specific armor more worth it. Instead of dealing with the enemy having a couple more soak dice, you are potentially dealing with a change to your damage type, or total those things become a really viable option to work against an armored enemy.

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  • Ambrosia
    Hahah, I don't think sig threads can be really necro'd

    As for your question..I don't really have any written down stats for the armors with me right now.

    What I did was lower or remove the dex penalties for soft armor like a leather jacket..because, *really*, leather jackets don't really decrease your mobility much.

    At least not to a degree that warrants halving the dexterity of a normal citizen(!). Always keep in mind that the average human has a dex of 2. Armor that reduces that by even just 1 has to be hefty.

    Examples of armor (with stats off the top of my head..):

    Soft armor:
    Well, anything soft, really.
    Thick clothes, leather jackets, makeshift padding strapped onto you, thick fur, magickally thickened skin, (un)natural scales. A soak rating of 2-4 is fine.

    Flexible/reinforced armor:
    Ballistic vests, chainmail, scalemail, metallic weaves, more solid pieces that are strapped on to certain bodyparts. Anything that essentially could be seen as keeping bullets and blades from penetrating, but still delivers a hefty punch to the body.
    Soak ratings can easily go up to 4-6 here, given that they still deliver the damage in full as bashing damage.
    Dex penalties should range from 0 to 1 here. Nothing along those lines should realistically weight an average person down more than to half their usual agility. But jogging/running in this kind of armor over longer periods is exhausting, and the speed is probably reduced. People with Strength 1 probably won't do well in these, and even Strength 2 without any Athletics would notice the strain of wearing large chainmail or scalemail for long.

    Hard armor:
    Plate mail, hardsuits, heavy (un)natural boneplate- or exoskeleton armor.
    Soak ratings can go from 4 to whatever you come up with, but unless it's powered and artificially assisting motion, the dex penalties go along the same lines, ranging from 1 to higher levels.
    IMO, More important than restricting some things with an overall dex impact, actions requiring fine motor control and feeling in the fingers, like sewing a wound, applying bandages or picking a lock simply should be impossible. Running in this kind of armor REALLY drains you unless you are trained to do so. Some might not allow running at all. People with Strength below 3 won't last long in this at all unless it's powerarmor. Depending on the massiveness of the armor, even 4 might be required.

    Of course there are exceptions to this formula, mostly along the lines of Mage and magick'd up armor. Thin bodysuits that act like ballistic armor, or a leather vest that acts like hard armor on impact.
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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    Not really sure if this counts as Necroing since you have it in your signature and recently referenced it in another thread, but anyway.

    Could you be so kinda as to give us some examples as to what counts as which type of armor in addition to those you have given as examples in the OP. Also, are you changing Dex penalties and soak bonuses in this system?
    For example like this:
    Light Armor - Leather Jacket (-1 Dex, Armor Rating 2)
    Flexible Armor - Ballistic Vest (-1 Dex, AR 3)
    Heavy Armor - Platemail (-3 Dex, AR 5), note that the examples are just takes out of thin air. No idea what stats platemail or a ballistic vest should have.

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  • Ambrosia
    Originally posted by Aleph View Post
    hmm...not bad, not bad. One problem it's that "Flexible, Reinforced armor" doesn't seem to protect at all against damage that it's already Bashing. Unless, of course, you use the armor rating as some extra soak dice against bashing damage
    Ah, yes. I actually forgot to write that down. The second type of armor would treat *incoming* bashing damage like hard armor treats any type.

    As for aggravated damage, replace above 'lethal' with 'lethal, and aggravated if applicable', depending on the damage source.

    Fire is awesome against most armors, acid not necessarily, and werewolf claws don't simply ignore armor.
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  • Aleph
    hmm...not bad, not bad. One problem it's that "Flexible, Reinforced armor" doesn't seem to protect at all against damage that it's already Bashing. Unless, of course, you use the armor rating as some extra soak dice against bashing damage (or, why not, against all damage). Also, I think that Aggravated that can be blocked by a normal Armor should be transformed in Bashing damage too.

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  • Ambrosia
    Additional thought;

    For Mage, this also creates a tangible difference between making clothes that are reinfoced but have no magical effect on them (Counting them as 'Flexible, Reinforced Armor'), or clothes that are actual active Wonders that clearly supernaturally prevent damage (Counting them as Hard Armor without dex penalties).
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