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  • OWoD/CWoD Dice Statistics Calculator


    A good year or two ago I wrote a fancy little Linux commandline/shell app, that can be used to calculate success, failure and botch statistics for CWoD dice rolls, average successes, etc. etc.
    The little program includes options to specify the amount of dice, the difficulty, the amount of hands to roll, and wether it should be a Specialty roll or not.

    The program comes in two versions, one using a single CPU core, and one optimized for 8 cores (or 4 and hyperthreading).
    It's possible to calculate the statistics of a 100 million full roll sets in a single second with the right hardware, making for quite solid percentage statistics.

    There is, alas, no Windows version. Mostly because I am lazy!

    But if you are a Linux affectionado, and want to play around with dice statistics and fancy terminal graphics, or want to put together a fancy GUI'd Windows version, you can find the source code at

    Compilation instructions and syntax are in the readme. The whole thing is WTFPL licenced, which means: Do whatever you want to do with it!

    This would be how the statistics for 100 million 6-dice, difficulty 6, non-specialty rolls is displayed: (Can't create proper image attachments)

    I hope somebody here finds this little thing useful!

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