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Hello, neighbor! Mind if I borrow a cup of Changelings?

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  • Hello, neighbor! Mind if I borrow a cup of Changelings?

    I'm currently running a WtA tabletop game that is bound to stumble into some Changeling crossover... and... well... I haven't played it before. In preparing, I've read a lot of the 2E Core to get a sense of it... but unlike most of the other oWoD venues, I don't have years of old PC and NPC character concepts sitting around in my head to populate the city with.

    If anyone is willing, I'd really appreciate any character summaries, links to personal/game/chat sites hosting summaries or sheets, or any other resources you can pass my way. I'm in need of characters and sheets of pretty much every variety... from Slaugh to Nunnehi to various Seelie childlings/wilders to Redcap corbies to ancient Sidhe nigh-lost to bedlam... I'd love to see it all!

    For those that need it said, these borrowed sheets and concepts won't be going anywhere beyond our tabletop game, which is not being recorded, scribed, converted into other media, etc etc etc. They concepts and characters remain your sole intellectual property and all that good stuff.

    Check out my mediocre WoD/Aeon/Exalted art at ! It'll make you go "Yup! That's pretty mediocre!"