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The Demographics of Changeling

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    There is always a significant minority of people whose fear and ignorance makes them desire dictators and monarchs.


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      I think it has more to do with people's blindspots. There are very likely plenty of Sidhe who genuinely are compassionate, just, and beneficent. The problem is that this fact likely also makes them further buy into the idea that the Sidhe are ordained to rule because of their innate nobility, making them put on blinders where other Sidhe's flaws are concerned.

      By the same token there are very likely Commoners who either live in domains of relative stability and prosperity, or who have attached themselves to one or more of the genuinely noble Sidhe, and don't allow themselves to see the flaws in the overall arrangement. Especially with memories of the Accordance War slowly fading year after year.

      (Reminds me that I need to stop screwing around with the next section of "Accordance" and just get it done.)