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Changeling: the Dreaming Character Generator - to share!

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  • Changeling: the Dreaming Character Generator - to share!

    I've been working on a CtD character generator running in a spreadsheet and since I'm finally done with it, I thought others might like to have a copy. I hope that's allowed here? It's absolutely not for profit and you need copies of the rulebooks to use it. No copyright infringement is intended.

    A few important points first:

    1) It runs in LibreOffice Calc not Microsoft Excel. Sometimes these programs can open each other's files, but I highly doubt it will work in Excel as it makes extensive use of indirect references which I believe are one of the functions that don't import well across the different programs. However, LibreOffice is freely available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    2) This is WAY more complicated a spreadsheet than Calc was really intended to handle, so when it generates a new character, please be warned, it probably WILL take several minutes and look like it's crashing. Just leave it - it'll recover eventually.

    Other than that, instructions are in the file itself, though the short version is, press F9, wait for it to finish calculating, then press F9 again. (The order of operations means that you have to run the calculations twice or you sometimes end up with a broken character).

    If the dropdowns on the parameter tab (where you choose what books, etc., you want to include or set minimums for skills, etc.) aren't updated correctly, press F9 once.

    (F9 is the shortcut for recalculating. You can also access this via Tools --> Cell Contents --> Recalculate).

    Here's the link:

    If anyone's interested in how it works, or wants to tinker with it, let me know and I'd be happy to chat about how I built it. If you're good with Excel or Calc you may be able to work it out yourself. The various calculation tabs are hidden by default, but feel free to look around!

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    Fantastic work! Thanks a lot.