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    I'm going to argue the other way around. While Paths aren't "of the Dreaming" just like an undone fae is going to forget all about that fencing skill they had since they don't believe its a part of them same with Paths.


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      Nay, in my perspective. (We're discussing a thing which is even non-existent in our fantasy world.)

      Experiences are tied to the mundane shelf, remains. Paths don't have any relation to the Fae Self. The Mists' effect doesn't depend on what the ex-Changeling belives. It doesn't follow paradigms and doesn't force normalcy. The effect depends on the memories' links.

      An example about the fencing: If he had fencing courses during his university years, he'd retain the *knowledge* that he can fence. If he was educated totaly in a freehold, he'd loose the memory. If both applies, he'd know that he have some experience with swords, and would be suprriesed if ever draw one. He'd be much more skilled than he'd remember.

      But if a ST'd rule thet the Paths are an option for Changelings, she should come out with the exact rules.

      Note: About sorcery and interoperability: Sorcery is also a no-no for vamps. (they have Thaum.), Wraiths , Changers (except Kitsune and the cats, and can only bought via a 7. point merit), Demons, Imbued, Kindred of the East.
      It's a power reserved (usually) for sidekicks (mortals, dhampyrs, dhampirs, Kinfolk, Kinain).


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        Its my opinion that if you are a master swordsman as a fae and get undone you aren't going to have a mortal life that has you remember you are awesome with a sword. Now should it come up you'll be some sort of unnatural protegy apparently, Mechanicswise it would still be "on the sheet" but I wouldn't let them use it proactively. Similar situation for sorcery.

        They would forget they were a sorcerer since there's no "my mundane sorcerer life" but it would theoretically be on their sheet and could be accidentally rediscovered.


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          My opinion on Sorcery and other Splats is that it's usually not a big deal, all things considered. A character who spends XP on advancing them is also NOT spending those XPs on their own native powers.

          The lone exceptions to this, I reserve for Vampires and Mages, but each for different reasons.

          Vampires, because the way I see it, when a mortal Sorcerer teaches her methods to a vampire, that vampire's eventual grasp of those methods will be learned AS Thaumaturgy (or whatever style of blood magic). And the mortal Sorcerer learning magic from a vampire will learn Thaumaturgy (or whatever) as Paths of mortal Sorcery (though the character may also need to take the Blood Magic flaw). Sorcery and Blood Sorcery is analogous, though they may require effort to translate between their respective conditions. The exact nature of their Paths and Rituals may change...or maybe they won't, if the Storyteller decides to just transfer them 1 to 1. Even if not, there are several points of obvious parallel. Only those Paths and Rituals specifically tailored to the mortal or vampiric condition would fail to translate, and then only in those cases where the magician herself was the subject of said powers. Even parts of certain Paths may be transferable anyway, in the form of Rituals (Path of Blood 1 is just about gathering information about blood/Vitae through touch; it could easily be made into a Ritual by a mortal who specializes in dealing with vampires). The exact mechanics of the powers matter less than their overall themes, and on the Practice used to bring them about.

          Speaking of Focus, this applies to Mages. To me, Mages can't do magic except through Spheres (or Minor Spheres, or Foundation and Pillars). Their Awakened state causes them to translate magical praxis into Dynamic forms, unconsciously. The Avatar reweaves the Tapestry as a matter of course. So if a Mage learned from a Sorcerer (as many do), they'd naturally translate the effects into knowledge of the Spheres. The reverse occurs as well, where a Sorcerer won't understand everything a Mage had to teach her, but what she could do would be learned as Paths and Rituals.

          The reason I gravitate towards this is so as not to give Mages a free means of circumventing Paradox. Undermines the whole trade-off between Awakened and unAwakened magic.