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C20 Backer PDF errata thread

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  • C20 Backer PDF errata thread

    The C20 backer PDF will be sent out soon! Please use this thread to report typos and visual glitches. Please also keep discussion of setting, rules, and other content to other threads.

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    Bookmarks: The sub-bookmarks for Appendix I: Gallain are out of order.
    p. 26: "but you can by with fewer"
    p. 26: "so here we are again in 2016"
    p. 27: "Appendix 2: The Enchanted Here you’ll find rules for Merits and Flaws" -- Merits and Flaws are in Chapter 3; there should also be a colon after Enchanted.
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      Pg. 424 Under the specialties list for Shentao "Keui-jin" should be "Kuei-jin"


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        hi! it looks amazing so so happy with it! A couple questions/clarification s and errata.

        were Dreamxcraft and the shadow court arts intentionally left out? or am I missing them somewhere? Just would like come clarity more than anything!
        also were scathach and Dannan meant to be seelie and unseelie respectivly? I thought they were supposed to be neither/both? That isnt a criticism jsut a question for me movign forward i guess.

        As for errata, for concordia were missing a few duchies. (Though Duchy of Violets could be one of the canadian territories it was left unlabled)

        Minnesota ( I REALLLY WANNA KNOW WHAT THIS IS all the duchies named has been a weird/sick dream of mine for years hahahah)
        Maryland (This is Duchy of Chesapeake as per Kingdom of Willows)
        New Brunswick
        Newfoundland and Labrador (Is this the Duchy of Violets?)
        Nova Scotia

        The kith symbol for the chrlurchan is different on the wallpaper than it is in the book, which is correct?

        uhmmmmmmm thats it so far ITS AMAZING <3
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          Dodge erroneously appears on the character sheet.

          P.85: "Childlings are receive a +1"

          The animal features table on p. 185 is waaaaaaaaay the hell away from the Merit it appears to go with, on p. 187.


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            p.287: The column formatting on the Long Bow is off a row.


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              p. 378-9: Half the text for the mandragoras splat calls them by the proper kith name. Half call them "tree fiends".

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                Missing backer names go in this thread, right?

                Filled out the survey twice(once for the Kickstarter and once for BackerKit). The KS is saying there was "no survey sent" but the backerkit one is saying "survey is answered."

                Please add the following name:

                Jadon Zachary Coyle
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                  At the beginning of page 274, it needs to list permanent or temporary banality.


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                    in the back, the name is only one when on my backer it there should be 2:

                    What name do you want us to put in the Backers' Credits?
                    Lady Seraphina Huntington (House Eiluned,Sidhe) & Dame Taylor Cotton (Dalmation Pooka)

                    Under Feldge section


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                      All in all, my early opinions of the book are amazingly positive. I'm looking forward to trying out the new Cantrip and Banality systems. My congratulations and thanks to the entire writing team.

                      However, expanding on Holden's post, there are several issues with the character sheet in the back of the book.

                      1) The Abilities listed do not match with those described in Chapter Three. The specific differences are highlighted below

                      Present but shouldn't be:

                      Hobby Talent

                      Present but shouldn't be:

                      Animal Ken
                      Professional Skill

                      Present but shouldn't be:

                      Expert Knowledge

                      2) The character creation example in Chapter Three implies there should be a field for Antithesis, perhaps somewhere near Threshold. There isn't one.

                      3) In Chapter Six, the rules for Nightmare Dice state that there should be a track below Willpower to mark off points of Nightmare. There isn't one.

                      All in all it seems like the sheet was copied almost wholesale from Second Edition, possibly as a placeholder, and never replaced with the new sheet.


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                        p. 317, in Materials: "The stone for a king’s castle in the Dreaming requires stone quarried from a dream realm and wood from an enchanted forest."

                        It should read "A king's castle in the Dreaming" instead.

                        Luka Carroll
                        Onyx Path Freelancer & Developer
                        Working On: C20 Player's Guide, Lunars
                        Worked On: V20 TMR, Demon STG, C20, Book of Freeholds, Conquering Heroes, Building A Legend, Dragon-Blooded, The Realm


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                          Pg 152 in the character creation example Second Column - Arts and Realms. "Soothsay goes on the list...." I think contextually that should be Contracts?


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                            Yeah, apparently none of the notes I put on the character sheet got incorporated, because Nightmare isn't there either. Grr.



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                              Boggan kith stereotypes have the autumn and Arcadian Sidhe switched. somewhere in the Arcadian Sidhe section (stepping out and dont have it with me) has Acadian instead of Arcadian written, will get specific place for this later