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So why types of Arts would you most like to see?

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    Originally posted by Daniel Knight View Post
    I like the idea of Transmutation. In one memorable pre-20 battle I used Primal 5 Prop 5 to make ammunition for a rocket launcher. Expensive as all hell but a bargain given rocket launcher damage.

    ...a loaves and fishes, infinite ammo effect would be useful.. not sure how to spread that out though.


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      I really like the Alchemies of the Hsien, always did and they are extra smooth now. But they are very complete and flexible kind of like DA Mage Pillars, so the Five Elemental Alchemies and Nei Dan fill a lot. But I feel they should have a little more then 6 powers, it is after all conceivable a single being could learn all or almost all of them... and then what.

      I was contemplating on my walk home and I thought of maybe 5 arts that are flip sides of each of the elements. At first I was thinking their powerset was pretty broad and maybe two Forbidden Alchemies would be a way to broaden the available arts, but that goes against what I was trying to do, essentially more PC options and Forbidden powers more narrows player options then expands them. So instead I went with flip side Alchemies that don't follow the Elemental Alchemies so much because there would be a lot of Redundancies and we have enough of that already, but maybe somewhere between the Elemental Alchemies and Nei Tan.

      Ri Dan/Sun Alchemy 日丹
      Sun Alchemy is the flip side of Fire Alchemy. Its very much a Yang concentrated Alchemy, that evokes truth, glory, faith, the sky and light, and time when used as an elemental alchemy. Opposite of Moon Alchemy one of its powers can bring out a you that is you'er then you, a truer self, more glorious like if you are a candle the truer you is the sun. It allows animal forms to become more regal like allowing Nyans to become Tigers rather then cats, and Fu Hsi become Dragons in their Wani Forms or giant snakes in animal forms.

      Yue Dan/Moon Alchemy 月丹
      For this one I started with Shadow Alchemy, and Death Alchemy but then had a good idea for Dual Sun Moon Alchemies so switched it there. Its the flip side of Water Alchemy. It is very much the Yin counterpart to Sun Alchemy. It evokes the sea, shadows, death, echoes, deception, and lesser duplicates. Instead of say a power to make you greater you have say a power that adds shadows of yourself, less substantial twin attacks for instance following up a first attack or action. It also evokes the tides and the oceans, and perhaps travel, and cold.

      Xue Dan/Blood Alchemy 血丹
      Blood Alchemy is the flipside of Wood Alchemy. It reflects the Element of Wood expressed through blood, bone and flesh. Animals and shapeshifting, as well as true birth and life. It resonates with Hunger and pain.

      Xukong Dan/Void Alchemy 虚空 丹
      Void or Emptiness Alchemy is the flipside of Earth, its true opposite. Kind of like how Hannumen are the Earth aspected Hirayanu but they are very much the flipside of what it means to be Earth, and Sun Wukong means awakened to emptiness. A very Yin aspected anti Earth Art. Would be synchronized well ideally with Earth and Nei Dan particularly. But particularly good at nullifying elements, particularly the emotions. Very Defensive.

      Huangjin Dan/Golden Alchemy 黄金丹
      Golden Alchemy is the flipside of Metal Alchemy, but Gold is often tied strongly with the concept of Metal. This evokes particularly though abundance, fortune, wealth, and even covetousness. It would involve powers like blessings and curses, as well as controlling wealth and value. Perhaps even the Alchemy which can help create Auspicious Treasures.

      Yaomo Dan/Demon Alchemy 妖魔 丹
      I want at least one Bastard Demon Alchemy for those who turned to the Yama Kings, or like the Daitya who are their own Demons. It is the Flipside of Neidan and evokes corruption rather then enlightenment. Mastery and enslavement, tying yourself to your desires and allowing for demonic powers, and creating and communing with demons like the other alchemies touch upon Elementals.

      I want these ideas to fill out the lacunae in the Hsien magical capabilities. Like for instance Xue Dan could be used to turn a man into a fish, or even impregnate themselves and when combined with competency in the other 5 elements you would have strong control over composition of not just the body but also the soul of the new life. Maybe Sun Alchemy added to other Alchemies can allow for the creation of supernatural beings, maybe representing the powers of the Ministers of Heaven when they created the first Shinma. Maybe it allows you to create spirits when combined with other alchemies. Sun and Moon Alchemies I also want to effect time. And Neidan is a brilliant catch all, hell each power feels like they could have been the theme for a whole Alchemy, so maybe some of the odd Alchemies tie in well with their powers, like Blood Alchemy and the Primordial shapeshifting power could synch well, and maybe the power that allows you to invest corpses with Yang to make them Animate could be enhanced with Moon Alchemy.

      Bao Feng Yu/Storm Alchemy 暴风雨丹
      This is an extra alchemy I was considering, because Air isn't an element there is a big gap in their powerset. Especially since some Shinma created a vast storm to block out the Sun when the Bodhisattvas were fighting Zapathsura in the Week of Nightmares. I figure it would be an alchemy which not only represents air, but also the knotting of the elements. Much of storms essence is made up of combining say Water and Fire after all. But also maybe it emphasizes the Chaos and Order aspects of Yang and Yin.

      Hmmm This is an Arts thread I should probably spin this off into its own Alchemy Thread.

      It is a time for great deeds!