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Underground Kingdoms?

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  • Underground Kingdoms?

    How many Courts are likely to be held in castles underground? It seems that the Fae might want some space in the physical world away from mortals where they can be themselves, so is it likely that the Fae have built subterranean worlds?

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    It wouldn't surprise me. Nockers would love hidden smithies, while some pooka would instinctually feel the need to burrow. And so on...


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      Half of the Kiths are supposed to be from Underground Myths. Seriously odd we rarely get mention of Sidhe underground when they are the People of the Mound.

      But yeah I'm guessing in Europe particularly Britain and Ireland they have classic underground Freeholds, and when they came to the Americas they built freeholds into actual buildings. But I always really liked the idea for a lot of Gamelines, Live Vampire with secret underground tunnel communities.

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