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Gah, missed the Backer Errata deadline

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  • Gah, missed the Backer Errata deadline

    Upset with myself, since I also did this for Exalted 3e, and thus some obscure but significant errors of grammar and wording I spotted made it in. x.x; I just... can't manage to read books of this size closely enough to do editing on them in the timeframe this requires -- I have so much going on, ADHD/Autism issues with focus and initiation, and... guh. Didn't help that due to issues, I didn't get the PDF until a bit after release...

    P.S: I'm not sure if this fits here or off-topic, as I can see an argument for either. Feel free to move if needed.

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    Did you go through the whole errata thread? A *lot* of such errors were caught.


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      Eh, not yet, and I can hope they were, but I noticed that my final PDF for Exalted 3e had some issues that I could've reported if I'd gotten it in in time (partially was due to misunderstanding the deadline, there, and here it's that I never actually managed to find mention of a deadline so was holding off, and it just... passed), and I'm afraid I'll see the same thing here. Well, best I can do is keep reading, and submit them to be updated in the PDF version, and accept that if there are any that were missed that I might've spotted, they'll be in the book, as well as have faith the most egregious ones will have been handled by others. (Like, the stuff I spotted in Exalted 3e that didn't get fixed was very obscure grammatical rules and inobvious issues with flow or ambiguous phrasing in the intro fiction.)

      Still, giving it a look might give me some reassurance, as far as what I'd already spotted.


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        If it makes you any better, I think that the error inherent in spelling the Fire alchemy of the hsien the way it is evaded everyone, too. Huo, not Hou...


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          I just realised last night that my backer name isn't in there, so you're not alone


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            Originally posted by Urabyfirst View Post
            I just realised last night that my backer name isn't in there, so you're not alone
            Backer names are not errata. Use the Contact button on RichT's profile on the C20 Kickstarter. Don't know if it's too late at this point as it's being corrected in layout last I heard, but you can always check. No harm in that.

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