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Dragon's Ire is a... Chimerical Art?

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  • Dragon's Ire is a... Chimerical Art?

    This came up today during our very first brainstorming session of C20. As we were discussing characters, one of our players realized that the first rank of Dragon's Ire that raises your Strength score is a chimerical power. Not just that, but the 2nd and 3rd levels that allow you to dodge attacks or fearlessly soak bullets are also chimerical effects.

    This seems very at-odds with the concept of chimerical magic, "Chimerical effects typically do not manifest in the Autumn world" which typically only impact the chimerical world, or they impact emotions and perceptions subtly. Being able to pump your Strength to 10 (not unreasonable for a troll) and throw cars around seems very against this concept of what chimerical arts do. So my question is this, is this either:

    A.) Intentional - but only from a mechanics perspective. The durations are so short the author just figured 1 glamour per use was too steep a cost.
    B.) Just a mistake, and these arts should be wyrd
    C.) Is the art supposed to be ACTUALLY chimerical - it only protects you from chimerical attacks or raises your damage when fighting chimerical things?

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    I'd say A

    Also keep in mind nearly all the Birthrights are what 2nd edition would call Wyrd now.