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Can Chimera earn XP for redes?

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  • Can Chimera earn XP for redes?

    I am not familiar with the rules governing Chimera, so is it known how they grow in the Dreaming? Do they have the power to evolve and can they eventually develop new redes?

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    There's no (official) system for it because chimera aren't designed to be PCs. But yes, Chimera can sometimes grow more powerful (or less powerful).


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      It would be cool if there could be a "heroic" chimera the same way there are heroic demons in Exalted. I really wish there was someway they could train or be trained to boost themselves. Eating raw, distilled dreamstuff can probably do it, but at the least there should a way for a Changeling who is bonded with a chimera to train them.


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        I don't think it would be very hard to make that, if you're interested.


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          It probably wouldn't be that difficult to adapt the rules from Bygone Bestiary to playing a chimera.

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