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Thallain Houses, House Questions, Gallain/Nobles ect Questions...

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  • Thallain Houses, House Questions, Gallain/Nobles ect Questions...

    So shouldn't the Thallain have some houses? Now that they finally have a Noble Thallain, the Sevartal, well and the Merrow count as well... Do some of the Thallain join House Balor or other Houses? What about the Merrow why don't they have a house when the Merfolk all have houses? And shouldn't the Oba at least have one house of their own if not more since they are a whole kith founded outside the European Dreaming? Shouldn't they have something like a House Chango, House Eshu, ect?

    For the Thallain I like to think they have more worldwide cultures for their house rather then the Western Europe vibe, with a good amount from Scandinavia since they have the Sevartal. For one I plan to have these houses for the Sevartal:

    House Thrym, essentially themes of cunning and covetousness since that was his motivation and downfall, maybe a boon based on trickery, or his giant nature.

    House Otr/Fafnir, with the conflation/interchangeability of the Norse myths concerning Dverger and the Svartalfar one could say Otr and Fafnir were Dark Elves, Scion even went that route but they also had the idea Dwarves were the pupil stage of the Svartalfar which was... interesting. But a house of curses, retribution, hording, weregild, blah blah. I can't decide on which of these to make a house on both are really cool. But I noticed the House choices so far are based on using more obscure characters, like Gwydion rather then a major God like Daghda, or Balor instead of Lugh or Scathach instead of her pupil Cu Chulainn. That would make Otr a more favorable choice. But they would have a boon maybe based on Shapes or curses.

    House Brísingamen, another house that could play well to vanity, covetousness, crafting you name it. Maybe the boon may have something to do with knowing/making something that someone covets and making an ultimatum for them, much like the Exalted Charm knowing the Souls price.

    And House Angraboda, a house for apocalyptic monstrous Thallain, the most infamous of the baddies would seek this house. It would be like the house containing their greatest champions, and hording deformities, mutations and grandeur.

    And a handful of Houses from all around, like

    Bani Iblis: a house for the Shaitan/Iblis Djinn based on pride, and corruption.

    The Zmeivitch, a house of Dragons and opposition to the Gods.
    House Koschei: Enduring unbeatable adversaries whose boon and flaw is tied to hiding a piece of their Soul away.

    House Typhon/Echidna: maybe dedicated to bring about the Final Winter, and rivals to House Angraboda

    House Gjallerbru/Modgud: dedicated to Guarding, and death. Perhaps this may work better as an Unseelie house.


    Now it seems Kithain Houses can adopt most kiths, and I would wager Merfolk, but can they adopt Gallain such as Nunnehi? Why not? What about Merfolk Houses adopting nonmerfolk?

    I would like some more Noble Gallain: So far of the Noble Fae we had Sidhe, Sevartal, Merfolk (and possibly Merrow), and Oba. I feel we could use maybe a couple more. It seems the Nunnehi and Menehune would have kiths that could be noble, but they don't seem to prescribe to the Noble Commoner divide.

    And are some of the Houses made up? I mean some are named after mythical figures, like Gwydion, Scathach and Balor. House Aesin seems to be just a mix of the Aesir/Vanir, so I'm guessing they were from Freyr since he was God King of Alfheim, and an Aesir who was born Vanir. Or was there a Fae named Aesin? Was Dougal someone from myth or was his House and several others just made up for the game? I get the feeling the houses of the Autumn world are actually the Least of the Houses and a few Middling houses in Arcadia. This would explain why they were able to be banished, and why they are based off less powerful mythical figures. But in banishing them to the Autumn World they may have opportunity to grow in power, unless you know they are doomed since they are not part of the Changeling Way Ritual, except for mostly Scathach. So does that mean in Arcadia we have mightier Houses like House Dagdha, or House Wotan? Particularly since the actual God Tuatha never got banished, as well as other Pantheon Tuatha?

    Can somebody break down the Houses and where they got each from, like a specific story?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I work on middle eastern and anatolian spesific chronicles (i don't use Demon the Fallen lore for Demons only for angels; Demons are also Changelings or True Fae around middle east)

    House Dajjal(as one evil eyed equivalent of Balor/antichrist)
    House Bilquis for Oba (as equivalent of Fiona) for some examples


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      So it's not been touched upon the subject of Thallain and houses?

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        I discovered some of the house Origins, like Dougal was a grandchild of Goibniu, Beaumayn was a play on the Knight of the round table Gareth, and what Varrich was from the Snow Maiden Tale, and he would be the child of Dazbog, the Sun? I know Ailil seems to more be a house of his wife Mebdh. And Eiluned is related to her, but I am not sure exactly where its derived from, it maybe another Camelot myth or even a saint. Leanhaun is of course the vampiric fae myth. Liam I am not sure of, isn't Liam also just short for William? Liam was supposed to be a Fae that fell in love with the beauty of mortal faith, was his name from a Saint or something? Daireann was Finn Mac Cools lover and an herbalist. Fiona was a descendant of the Goddess Brigit. Gwydion was a Welsh legend, but the Fae say he was a descendent of Lugh, and House Balor claims a lot of the Lugh Myth, even though Lugh doesn't act very Balory. And house Danann is like the House of Houses, and the true royalty of Arcadia, so does that Mean Dice is only the High Lord of them outside of Arcadia? Like a Margrave? Was Dice a Lord of the Danann before C20?

        It is a time for great deeds!