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  • AETHERNAUTS (Notes on My Campaign)

    This is some material I was tinkering with for my home campaign awhile back. With the coming of the Changeling 20th anniversary edition, I am inspired to take another look at the setting.

    The Aethernauts are an organization of explorers using elaborate vehicles and specialized magic to explore the Dreaming. Backed by House Balor, House Dougal, the Bes Din and others, this group is building ships to map out the sky trods, and the skies of the Dreaming. A big part of the Aethernaut dream is exploration, mapping the skies and seeking out strange dreams and alien worlds. Some look to find a route back to Arcadia, others seek to tap sources of Dross and potential conquests among the stars. As this is a multi-house, multi-kith organization, the Aethernauts are rife with political turmoil, back-stabbing and squabbles. So much so that many members are more than happy to head off into the oft-times maddening chaos of the firmament, away from all the fuss.
    Frequent Kiths (most common Aethernauts): Autumn Sidhe, Eshu (and Oba), Knockers, Piskies, Pooka (animal people) and Wichtel. Manikin of a robot/synthetic sort are in large numbers as well. Aithu, Boggarts, Ghasts, Goblins, Redcaps and Lurks are numerous on Unseelie ships. Kinain are frequently crew on Aethernaut vessels.

    To properly travel the starry skies, a crew needs a ship. Thankfully the dreams of mankind have supplied many designs for the fae to draw from. To make such travel easier for Storytellers, I use the following rules taken from “The Book of Worlds”, and very handy forthis purpose.

    Ship Combat
    Aethership combat is best left to narrative storytelling; nothing gets in the way of a good space fight like alot of chart-checking. The "rules" below aren’t meant to be tactical simulations, but quick-and-dirty resolutions for tense situations.
    Basic Rolls: When rolls are necessary, like during a dogfight or pursuit, the Storyteller should have the helmsman of both craft make resisted Wits + Piloting rolls (see Combat Maneuvers Chart for difficulties). Whoever scores the most successes wins that turn. If both sides were trying to do damage, and both succeed, both ships are hit. Dont split dice pools.
    Multiple Gunners: If an additional person controls the ships guns, that character can make an additional Dexterity + Heavy Weapond or Wits + Pilot roll on the chart. Figure damage normally. For ships with multiple guns, simply maks one roll and add two more damage dice for each additional gunner firing at the target.
    Hull Strength: Ships can take a number of "Health Levels" in damage before ripping open, and automatically soak a certain amount of the attacker's successes before damage is applied.
    Hull Damage: A ruptured hull leads to all kinds of problems - explosive decompression often sucks debris and crewmen out the hole, and drain air from the damaged chamber. Attacks like tentacles, gunfire or magic can bypass the ships armor ans tear up the inside of the ship if they target the hole (+2 difficulty).

    Ship Combat Maneuvers
    Attempt Difficulty Notes
    Distant evasion 6 Leaves fight
    Close evasion 8 Escapes pursuit
    Pull "up" 9 Change course suddenly
    Closing in 7 Gets you in tight
    Ram 5 Crash!
    Rend 6 Rip hull open
    Unlock 8 Pull away from boarding
    Strafe 8 Rake target with fire while passing
    Blast 6 Shoot target
    Dodge fire 8 Avoid being hit
    Target breach (+2 difficulty)
    Long-range target (+2 difficulty)


    Roughly 50-feet long, aether cruisers are fish-shaped armed and armored aircraft typically painted bright primary colors. Despite their steel plate and rivet construction, they weigh only a few hundred pounds because of the anti-gravity material with which they are packed. Their performance more closely resembles that of a dirigible than of an airplane. A cruiser’s guns are mounted in two rear-facing turrets as well as two forward facing torpedo bays.
    Size: 50ft, tip to tail fin; 30-foot wingspan
    Crew: Six (pilot, co-pilot, comm/sensors/nav officer, engineer, two rear gunners); plus, a 10-man boarding party (or 10 passengers).
    Armament: Two rear-mounted .50 cal machine guns; two forward torpedo bays.
    Hull: Takes 10 Health Levels before rupture; subtracts five successes from most attacks, and three from magical ones.


    Skyriggers are “space-blimps” resemble a sailing ship of grand design. Outfitted with balloons, fins and sails jutting out at odd angles. The balloons pull the vessel into the heavens, where the starwinds bear the ship into the deep aether. Three decks, luxuriously appointed, house the crew. These vessels have seen a great deal of service over the centuries, but were largely outclassed by the more versatile and modern ships of Boggan and Nocker design. Still, a number of these vessels are still in use, and are often used by privateers (and pirates).
    Size: 430 feet long and 50 feet in diameter (1/2 size of the Hindenburg)
    Crew: The average skyrigger sails with a crew of 40.
    Armament: Four cannons (10 dice damage).
    Hull: Skyriggers can sustain 15 Health levels before rupture. Subtracts 8 successes from most attacks.
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    House Pleiades

    “It was a star," Mrs. Whatsit said sadly. "A star giving up its life in battle with the Thing. It won, oh, yes, my children, it won. But it lost its life in the winning.”
    -Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time
    Symbol: Seven Pointed Star (Faerie Star or Elven Star)
    Legends connecting the Fae with the stars are widespread across many cultures. House Pleiades is a house that since the early days of the Sundering allied themselves with the Stellar Incarnae of the Pleiades star cluster, gaining great allies with these strange beings. Mater Pleione, the founder of the house, left the Mortal Realm in the early days of the Sundering to found the Realm of Seven Stars in the Dreaming Aether. There, she and her daughters created a mighty realm away from the politics of Arcadia.
    And so in the grim days of the Shattering and the long Interregnum House Pleiades kept to its own Realms and the Stellar Trods across the Aether. The True Fae amongst them either retreated into the stellar abodes of the stars they served or took to the Changeling Way. There along with their kinain followers this house developed mighty magics and Aether Ships to maintain their Realm. And there they waged many battles with Nightmare Chimera and Dark Fae, dark shadows between the stars.
    Before the Sundering, Mater Pleione was the consort of the Titan Atlas (a Fomorian of great power), and so members of this house are not trusted by most other houses. Thought the Autumn World was cut off from the "Fleet of Stars" these Fae and their kinain consors established bases nearby on the Dreaming aspect of Venus, Europa, Jupiter and the Otherworlds of Vulcan and the Hollow Earth.
    The Stellar Incarnae that they serve are beings of light, and so anything that catches and enhances light is favored by members of this house. So bright colors, prisms and other crystal patterns are common in their designs and personal adornment. Older members of this house prefer flowing robes or cloaks, flowing hair and garments that allow movement. It is said that the persistent Crystal Spires and Togas theme found in so much of science fiction can be linked to this house.
    Since the Return, House Pleiads has sought to reconnect with its Earthbound Fae relations, but has little use for squabbles between Sidhe and Commoner. This house prefers to be allied with forward thinking fae such as House Dougal, Nocker Aethernauts, Krofted Inanime (Solimond and Undine in particular) and similarly adaptable fae. In their mortal lives, House Pleiades Sidhe are stargazers, Astronomers, Astrologers and anything else that deals with the nightime sky and the stars. Since the Resurgence Autumn Sidhe, Boggans,Pooka,Trolls and even Kachina, Nanahi tribes of the Nunnehi are all found in this house.
    Boon: Nobles of House Pleiads may see clearly in pitch darkness. A chimerical crown of pale silver light shines from her brow while this power is in use. The character must state when this Boon is in effect, but it requires no roll or expenditure. The character suffers no difficulty or dice-pool penalties from darkness. House Pleiads fae gain Remembrance 3 and cannot botch Kenning or Gamarye rolls.
    Ban: Members of of House Pleiads are all servants of the Seven Sisters, and as such are subject to the desires of these powerful beings. At any point one of these patron spirits may ask a favor of the character, which comes via a spirit servant of the Incarna, usually in a dream. Members of this house are bound to obey this summons unless forcibly restrained. Furthermore, members of this house attract the attention of Nightmare Chimera and related Spirits such as Banes (Chimera and Spirits are the same thing in my campaigns), and will always be the favored target of such creatures.

    In the days leading up to the Shattering, House Pleiads brought kinain and enchanted mortal followers into the Dreaming, creating homesteads in the Aether (Dream Space). These colonies were placed on distant planets (asteroids, moons, etc) that are reached through the Dreaming using Star
    Trods. As with all Dream Realms these are worlds in their own right, and have both a physical and Dreaming portion, just as Earth does. The Stellar Colonies placed on these worlds were composed of enchanted mortals, a kinain ruling caste and a few Changelings to start out. All initially in allegiance to the True Fae Firstborn who planted them there.
    During the days after the Shattering, these colonies were cut off from Earth, and had to fend for themselves against Nightmare Chimera and wicked Fae. Many times, these colonies have developed their own cultures, partly based on their origins and part on the strange environment. These colonies are also home to imported Earth animals, Inanimae and all manner of strange chimers, from aliens of every description to chimerical robots. A small number of True Fae can be found in the colonies, but they are very rare away from the Pleiades Star Cluster.
    Nowadays, Most of these colonies resemble Greek or Roman cultures with some Central and South American elements mixed in. The overall effect is reminiscent of the images of Atlantis found in art and folklore. Despite the presence of Romanesque architecture and toga-wearing locals, technology is advanced, making use of weird elements and magic for its construction and power sources.
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      Fantastic! Do you have plans for other houses?

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
        Fantastic! Do you have plans for other houses?
        Thank you.

        I have not made any more houses, though I am thoughtful on societies, freeholds and ships. As well as beings that dwell "out there" among the stars.

        More soon.

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          I dig this and plan to use them. It makes me start thinking they, and House Aesin may have some Golden Apples hidden away. So do the hidden homesteads and such exist only in the Dreaming side or are they hidden also in enchanted colonies in the Autumnworld Space? Whats the rules on humans spending vast amounts of time in the Dreaming? Do they turn to spirits like in the umbra unless they occasionally pop into the autumnworld? I remember 2nd ed enchanted and Changelings didn't age while they spent time in a Freehold.

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
            I dig this and plan to use them. It makes me start thinking they, and House Aesin may have some Golden Apples hidden away. So do the hidden homesteads and such exist only in the Dreaming side or are they hidden also in enchanted colonies in the Autumnworld Space? Whats the rules on humans spending vast amounts of time in the Dreaming? Do they turn to spirits like in the umbra unless they occasionally pop into the autumnworld? I remember 2nd ed enchanted and Changelings didn't age while they spent time in a Freehold.
            Glad you asked...

            NEVERWORLDS (Space Homesteads)
            Some of these worlds will be entirely in the Dreaming, while the most stable will be both material and ephemera, with Changelings, Chimera and all of their powers considered to be Wyrd. Many of the planets of the Aether (aka Neverworlds) are either the Dreaming aspect of real planets (such as Mars or Venus), or theoretic planets within or outside of our solar system. Such as:

            Vulcan- Hypothetical planet that was proposed to be in orbit between Mercury and the Sun (and considered to be fact for centuries) but no longer considered fact in the modern world. But for the Fae, this planet is very real, existing primarily in the Dreaming, protected by Helios, the planets Incarna and the mists (though it is still occasionally spotted in the Autumn world). The planet is a hot, rocky desert with many volcanoes. Most of the life here is underground where hidden lakes and subterranean gardens are maintained. Locales: The city of Kiln can be found deep underground, housing enchanted mortals, kinain, sidhe, solimond, cyclops, golems, dragons, and far stranger beings. Weapons and armor are constantly being churned out from the foundries of this city and shipped to unknown buyers. The city is ruled by the three Golden Celedones, automatons crafted by Vulcan himself. The House of Maia (House Pleiades freehold), Temple of Pele (Solimond and Menehune) and many smaller freeholds can be found here.

            Phaeton- Known by many names through the ages, Planet X, Nibiru, Tiamat, etc. This ghost planet is supposed to have existed in the past between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which no longer exists, having become the Solar System's asteroid belt. In the Dreaming Aether, what remains of this planet is now the size of Earths Moon. This world has been taken over by several Greater Jagglings / True Fae (notable Austri, Ogmios, Pamola, Skiron, and Tethra) who have used their magics to create a world comfortable for their use. Phaeton is a wild world of huge forests and jagged peaks. Weather here is erratic and wild, and many savage creatures can be found here. Several towns and holdings can be found here, mostly of enchanted mortals and fae of Norse, Celtic, Greek and NE United States Nunnehi kiths.

            Goldilocks Planets- With NASA claiming to have found all manner of planets beyond our solar system, and claiming to find them suitable for sustaining life (without any real means of proving this), all manner of vistas can open up in the dreaming. Of course such worlds will be fraught with peril as all manner of mythic beasts, old gods, true fae and eder dark things will likely lurk on such worlds.

            The enchanted humans on these worlds will be weird in the manner of humans in fairy stories and the trippier sort of sci-fi. All of the stable colonies will exist within a pact with the local True Fae or Greater Jaggling (in service to the Wyld) and so a coming of age ritual with the equivalent of The Ritual of Parted Mists will take place as a sort-of baptism, granting permanent enchantment and thematic bestowement. Of course, abducted mortals might be stolen solely for the purpose as using them as dream batteries, and might be kept until dream struck and insane. Kinain on these worlds form a noble caste of sorts, being touched by the gods and clearly of divine heritage.
            Character creation: Characters from these worlds, be they Changelings, Kinain, or mortals are excellent candidates for the weirder sorts of Merits and Flaws, such as ; bizarre quality, changeling’s eyes (usually all black, lacking sclera), danger sense, dexterous toes, faerie eternity (Changelings only), granite skin, living legend, nightsight, prehensile tongue/tail, regeneration (Changelings only), slipped seeming, winged, cleared mist.

            These Kinain (called the Cetians) and Enchanted Mortals are descendants of Sidhe kinian who were long ago brought into the Dreaming. They dwell primarily in the Dreaming aspect of the Tau Ceti star system of the Hercules constellation, but are fairly widespread across the Aether. They possess a "Roman" sense of style and culture, favoring togas and skirts. All possess pointed ears and elfin features, with sun darkened skin and black hair.
            The Cetians are an aggressive race that has conquered and enslaved a number of neighboring chimerical races and has even been known to kidnap mortal dreamers for a variety of purposes. A number of chimerical races have also been enslaved, and are in use by the Tau as warriors, gladiators and for other purposes. Most notably are the Ursid, a race of intelligent, bear-like creatures who serve the Cetians as pilots, engineers and warriors. Fortunately for Earth, the Cetians are presently at war with a number of Nightmare species from the outer dark.
            Storyteller Notes: The Tau are an alien branch of Kinain who have been living in otherworlds since the Mythic Ages, and have developed their own culture. These kinain are ruled by Sidhe Changelings of House Ananke (details soon) who rule with absolute authority. They are technologically advanced, though their devices are always designed with a Greek or Roman look to them.
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              Wowza, so you are making one more house!

              What are you imagining the population sizes of these Neverworlds?

              It is a time for great deeds!


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                Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
                Wowza, so you are making one more house!

                What are you imagining the population sizes of these Neverworlds?
                Yes. More soon.

                The populations would be village to small town (1k to 20k) I suppose. And mixed with chimera and umbrood (I make no distinction between the two in my games). So a solid head count is tricky. Also, people on these worlds have a hard time staying human-shaped due to magical mutations and inter-species marriages. That and all of the mortal+ dangers out there, keeps populations low.
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                  HOUSE ANANKE

                  "And there were another three who sat round about at equal intervals, each one on her throne, the Moirai (Moirae, Fates), daughters of Ananke, clad in white vestments with filleted heads, Lakhesis (Lachesis), and Klotho (Clotho), and Atropos (Atropus), who sang in unison with the music of the Seirenes, Lakhesis singing the things that were, Klotho the things that are, and Atropos the things that are to be . . . Lakhesis, the maiden daughter of Ananke (Necessity)."
                  Symbol: Torch or Spindle
                  Court: Unseelie
                  Nicknames: The Adrastea, Fates, Serpents
                  House Ananke is descended from the ancient servants of Ananke, the primordial goddess of necessity, compulsion and inevitability. This goddess was the consort of the Titan Khronos, and mother of the Fates and the Morae. Sidhe of this house embrace the otherworldly nature of Ananke, and are close allies with the Dark Kin known as the Moiræ, or Fates. The house’s founders Bia and Kratos were the children of Ananke and siblings to the Morae, and so claim a mighty and often cruel heritage. Though descended from partial Fomorian heritage, Bia and Kratos remained aloof of the fighting between the Olympains and Titans and remain so with the Tuatha and Fomorians, however they are swift to move against oathbreakers on either side, and remains so to this day.
                  Members of this house are proponents of action, command and judgement, seeing nothing wrong with violent conquest and imperial rule. That said fair and just rule is of paramount importance as-is harsh punishment for those who shirk or otherwise cheat while in command. The Dark kin adhene known as the Morai are close-kin to members of this house, spending much time in their freeholds, courts and even intermarrying with them.
                  Since before the shattering, members of this house have sought to set up colonies on other worlds, in the Dreaming. These colonies were founded with a strict caste system that includes slavery, and remain so to this day. Some are still to be found on the dream-realm Vulcan, but the majority are in the Tau Ceti star system (and its five planets) of the Hercules constellation. After the shattering and the Interregnum, this house did its best to maintain its holdings in the Dreaming, waging war on nearby True Fae, chimera and exploring old routes to return to the Autumn World. A small number of Ananke did remain on Earth as Autumn Sidhe, dwelling among Satyrs, and among mortals of Middle Eastern ancestry.
                  Since the Return, members of this house have sought to re-establish trde with other houses, predominantly House Aisin and House Balor. At present their closest allies among the Sidhe houses remains House Pleiades though there has often been fighting between these houses. Arcadian Sidhe and Satyrs are the most numerous members of this house, but a growing number of Autumn Sidhe, Redcaps and Trolls can be found as well. The Inanimae Kuberas and the Dark Kin Morae are close allies of House Ananke, though they are never full members.
                  Members of this house appear as Greek heroes, preferring some form of classical Greek clothing, styles and adornments. Robes, sandals, heavily stylized jewelry, with armor and weapons having a mixed Greek look. Mortal seeming’s are almost always olive skinned, with dark hair. Members of this house are often found in law enforcement, the military or as assorted leaders and philosopher generals.
                  Boon: Members of Ananke can summon and command any chimera she knows by name. Only one command is possible at a time, and the chimera departs after fulfilling the one request. The Adrastea must learn the chimera’s name, which usually requires personal acquaintance or use of the Naming Art. The player rolls Charisma + Gremayre (difficulty of the chimera’s Willpower). If the player spends two Glamour points, the changeling can summon all chimera within one mile to protect or assist her, even if she does not know their names. Furthermore, members of House Ananke cannot botch a Gremayre or Kenning rolls.
                  Ban: All members of House Ananke are considered criminals due to their connection with the Titans (Fomorians) and the Morae. Because of this there is a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings with Sidhe of other houses. Furthermore, members of this house may not learn the Sovereign Art.


                  NOTABLE MEMBERS
                  Archon Basileus Asterius, High King of Tau Ceti (True Fae), master of the Chronos, Contracts, Dragons Ire, Naming, Oneiromancy and Primal Arts. Phylarch Makhai, regent of Caer Endymion in Las Vegas Nevada. Prytaneis Zixi, Lord commander of the Star Castle Ahreeca IX in orbit above Vulcan (see above). Choregos Algea, ambassador to Caer Parhelion (Roswell New Mexico) and master of the Autumn, Dream Craft and Naming Arts.

                  STAR CASTLE (Ship)
                  A Star Castle is the biggest model of spacecraft produced by the Sidhe. A Star Castle looks like a gigantic flying castle made entirely of crystal, which seems to be illuminated from the inside by a bright fire. Prisms form colorful rainbows within the structure and the interior is cool and supernaturally clean and bright, feeling more like a health spa than a spaceship. House Pleiades and House Ananke each control several of these vessels. The truly marvelous thing about a Star Castle is that it functions as a mobile freehold, acting in all ways as a Rank 3 Holding to its Commander and his motley.
                  Users: House Pleiades, House Ananke
                  Size: 1,250ft
                  Crew: A Star Castle needs a skilled captain and at least ten bridge officers. A Star Castle carries up to 400 technicians, troops or passengers. It can also harbor up to 15 Sundog fighter ships.
                  Armament: The most powerful weapon of a Sidhe Star Castle is its primary tower that can emit a highly destructive ray of Starfire (16 dice of damage). In addition to that, the Star Castle is armed with three Lightning Cannons (9 dice).
                  Hull: A Sidhe Star Castle can sustain 15 Health levels before rupture. Subtracts 6 successes from most attacks.
                  Special Equipment: The Shining Aura of a Sidhe Star Castle is so potent that it tests the willpower of all of those who dare attack the Star Castle using Cantrips (Willpower roll, diff. 8: those who fail can't assault the Star Castle). Telluric Resonance Drive (Mobile Freehold of Rank 3).

                  SUNDOG FIGHTER (Ship)

                  The Sundog fighter is a long-range fighter designed to allow a pilot to deal large amounts of damage to enemy ships of Aether beasts. A Sundog look like glowing saucers that drift through the air as though floating.
                  Users: House Pleiades, House Ananke
                  Size: 24ft
                  Crew: Two pilots can be crammed in the fighter's hull: a pilot and a gunner.
                  Armament: A Sundog fighter is armed with a lightning cannon mounted on a turret (8 dice of damage).
                  Hull: A Sundog fighter can sustain 8 Health levels before rupture. Subtracts 3 successes from most attacks. Two deflector shields (5 additional soak vs fire).
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                    SOME SETTING BASICS
                    These are the basic concepts I am leading with for this setting and some additional tidbits.

                    THE DREAMING AETHER
                    Also known as the Aetherian Reaches, the Aetherial Realm, etc. It is literally space in the dreaming. Traveling "up" in the Near Dreaming eventually brings one to the spiritual heavens called the Aetherial Realm. Here, travelers can visit other planets and even other stars, homes to powerful alien spirits called the Planetary Incarnae. Luna, the Celestine of the moon, shows her face here, and all her Moon Trods pass through the Realm. Anthelios -- the Red Star -- casts its baleful red glow through the Realm.
                    Characters in this realm are weightless, floating about as though in the ocean. Air is also always breathable, though thin and usually very cold in this realm. A fish-bowl helmet and warm clothes is usually all that is needed for comfort here which is standard equipment in all ships.


                    FAE IN SPAAAACE
                    Fae who travel in the Dreaming Aether often fit into several broad categories, though this has wide variation. I am tinkering with some new kiths for the setting as well as alien-themed Chimera. However here are the basics:

                    Space Elves (Arcadian Sidhe)- Crystal spires and togas. Venusians, Pledeans, etc.

                    Greys (Sluagh, Bogies)- Grey skin, big eyes, hardly ever speak.

                    Little Green Men (Nockers, Goblins)- Weird technology, unpleasant company.

                    Petting Zoo People (Pooka, Beasties)- Includes cat people, space gerbils and weirder beings.

                    Noble Warriors (Trolls)- Blue skinned giants are pretty common in fiction and UFO lore.

                    Alien Bastards (Redcaps, all Thallain)- They show up and stark killing people. Nuff said.

                    Mostly Human (Boggan, Autumn Sidhe, Kinain)- People that are useful and helpful to have in a crew


                    AETHER SHIP (Background)
                    Aether Ships are powerful possessions, especially for those seeking to make a habit of crossing the distances between the worlds. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, your character owns a ship of some sort. Maybe it's something he inherited; maybe he stole it; maybe he needs it in his job, or maybe he won it in a game of poker. Of course, owning a ship doesn't mean that you are able to pilot it (you would need dots in the Pilot, Academics, Gremayre, Kenning traits for that), nor that you have the required crew (brought by the Allies background).
                    Note: Purchasing dots in this background must be done in conjunction with the Holdings background, as all Aether Ships are powered by an internal Balefire that must be maintained by the possessor. This background can be purchased as a Pooled Background. 0 A very little ship (Sun Dog, Pleiadian Drone)
                    00 A ship suitable for up to three passengers (Lyrian Beamship)
                    000 A little corvette, for up to ten crew and ten ton cargo(Aether Cruiser)
                    0000 A big corvette, for up to forty crew and 100 ton cargo (Sky Rigger, Pleiadian Cruiser)
                    00000 A big, powerful spacecraft, for up to one hundred ton cargo (Star Castle)
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                      Love the details of this setting! However, one question. Would House Balor really work cooperatively with Dougal and the Bes Din? They've always struck me as the most Unseelie of the Houses, and Dougal is firmly Seelie in it's outlook.

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                        Originally posted by Shepherd View Post
                        Love the details of this setting! However, one question. Would House Balor really work cooperatively with Dougal and the Bes Din? They've always struck me as the most Unseelie of the Houses, and Dougal is firmly Seelie in it's outlook.
                        Thank you.

                        Its more of an argument and competition than a cooperation. And the BesDin is knoxn to be neutral, even using Goblins as enforcers.

                        The Aethernauts are kind of a society of madmen and other visionaries. In such company, unwise aliances are common.
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                          I'm bumping this because I think the next game I'm going to do my crazy conspiracy theorist friend will want to be part of House Pleiades, he always jokes he is part Reptilian and from the Pleiades. So I am like you can be a Reptilian from the Pleiades. And I think I will smash this into that Dutchy of Anchored Hope Setting. So it will help me to bump this as I pounder the basics of the chronicle.

                          It is a time for great deeds!