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    So something curious to me. I got into changeling after it was over right before the time of Judgement. And I asked the old forums and Shadownessence questions. And you can note Werewolves have a combined population of below 20k, Vampires, especially if you include Wan Kuei have a likely population of 70-80k+, they are normally 1 per 100k, sabbat twice that, but they also seem to blur where Kueijin and Kindred overlap like India seems to have Kindred keeping their ratio, but Wan Kuei also keeping up halfway ignoring kindred pops as dominance thing.

    Besides Ghosts, who number in Millions, changelings seem to be even more populous then Vampires. But how many would you say exist world wide? The old Forums experts told me they estimated at least 100k due to the descriptions of local courts/duchies and such, how you need a certain amount just to fill in the standard court positions and support political games. But that was a rough estimate, lets look closer.

    How do you think the populations changed after the different resurgences and such? We are still getting Sidhe, but if it turns out the Sidhe aren't reincarnating when will they stop popping up in normal numbers?

    Before I remember some people less familiar with the setting thinking that Changelings were the rarest of the supernaturals, like mages. But that is only because outside the Changeling books the other supernaturals don't understand the Mists, and that Changelings are much more numerous but they are never noticed, and even when noticed are often forgotten. Which is rather neat. But changelings out of all the supernaturals, only them and Wraiths have the numbers to literally form armies here and there.

    So would you think say that Changelings maybe numbered 100k and boosted by how much though with the Resurgence? by half, so they were 150k? 125k? Doubled?! Nah that's a bit too much. But what about those not part of the Kithain? Does this include Nunnehi and Merfolk? If not then how big would the pop be? How many Inanimae are there? Thallain are specifically noted as being much rarer then normal changeling, so what less then 1/10? That makes sense considering how many of their natures are not optimized for surviving in the modern age in high numbers, for instance you can't have too many bogies because they go around eating organs or limbs. So Thallain I would imagine are less then 5% of kithain's numbers, because they are probably higher then 1% due to them still sometimes being a threat in motleys or mauraders.

    Merfolk form cities! So they probably have thousands and thousands by themselves in the oceans. The Nunnehi meanwhile are noted to often be in places unlikely to house normal changelings like reservations or the wilderness.

    So While Vampires concentrate in Cities, and Werewolves are concentrated around Caerns with septs concentrating Kinfolk pops, Changelings are much looser. They are somewhat concentrated around Freeholds/Glades but this is much less strict then Caerns which are powered by sept rites. A Freehold and its balefire meanwhile needs less maintenance, and changelings can survive in large numbers just by feeding off of dreamers. And Freeholds are easier to establish and more numerous then Caerns.

    So please way in on this.

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    Personally I've never worried about it. I believe in a broad application of Joss Whedon's saying that "Travel moves at the speed of plot". When I'm running a game there are as many kithain as I need there to be. I never make them extremely populous, but I also never worry about a specific ratio of changelings to humans. Most cities that I make have several dozen kithain that I name and describe, and as many others as I need for a particular story.

    I've always had the impression that changelings were relatively common compared to other supernaturals, but they're not as obvious due to the Mists (as you stated, Eldagusto). There are also descriptions in the books of armies of sidhe fighting armies of commoners, so you can imagine at least hundreds if not thousands involved in those battles. I can't imagine a couple of dozen being described as an "army".

    I actually like not worrying about a specific population, because then I can have as many or as few as I need to tell a good story.

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      It gets really hard to track because many Changelings only know that they are Changelings for a few years at most, and many for considerably less time, while others have been active for hundreds of years. They can also sometimes reawaken after becoming dormant.

      If you're counting every sleeping fae soul they're going to seem very common, to the point where I would expect most people to know a few, but they don't really count for demographic purposes.