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    I like the Idea that the Tuatha could be related to the Children Lilith had with other Gods and Demons. And if Hsien are Fae long ago, then they are very close to Demons as they are both Heavenly agents. But hell Tuatha and Fomorians could have been started by Angels, and all the rest are their Progeny. Glamour eating seems like an evolution of Faith eating. Primordial Dark Age Fae is all about plucking potential from the Mists, that seems an aweful lot like Lore Carving Creation from the First Night.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      I'm just going to point out yet again the difference between "arcadian Sidhe" and "Demon" from an outside perspective isn't all that great. Fallen returns even match up very well when the Thallain and Dark Kin were released en masse. Fallen have a story of about being outcast from their fellow shining Ones for their actions. They even organize themselves into HOUSES...

      I'm just saying it looks odd that The Fallen match up rather well to Sidhe who've fallen to the corruption of the Formorians.. even Torment being a "Gift' of the formorians is right there...


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        This is why when I want to play Demon, I actually play In Nomine. All of this was considered all ready.


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          Originally posted by zenten View Post
          Freeholds have nothing to do with the Umbra.
          That's not quite true. As it was explained in Second Edition, the Dreaming cuts through various levels of the Umbra, even if it is technically its own thing. It's a strata that cuts through High and Middle Umbra, and in places touches upon the Dark Umbra. Maybe it was Dreams and Nightmares on the Storytellers Guide that explained it? I can't remember.

          Freeholds (at least, the fae part) are where the Dreaming seeps into/touches the Autumn World. So by extension, I just don't see demons interacting with freeholds, and definitely not the chimerical elements. They probably can't see chimerical reality anyway.