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"Ambient" Banality and Banal Locations?

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  • "Ambient" Banality and Banal Locations?

    Do they exist in C20?

    Do they exist your games/headcanon?

    How do you explain them?

    Place becomes Banal, when it's not Glamour-rich? When all objects with possibility of emotional attachment and "Chimeric quality" are removed? There are some specific Banal objects and materials (aside from the whole cold iron thing)? Do places or objects get infused or tainted with Banality? Or is it just places, that have many Autumn People around at the moment?

    How "ambient" Banality or Banal places work? Do Changelings aquire Banality there? Does it block or makes feats of Glamour harder?


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    I had a house rule for this in 2nd edition (at least, I think it was a house rule), where if you were using the Scene realm as your primary realm you would use the ambient banality. It also worked like banality does with Dreamers to determine if an area could become a Freehold.

    I'm less convinced this is necessary in C20.
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      C20, page 268, “Where Angels Fear to Tread”

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