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Satyrs and shoes?

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  • Satyrs and shoes?

    With their chimerical hooves, can a Satyr still wear shoes in their mortal seeming? Or do they have to walk barefoot? Since the merit to have wings suggests that you need to cut holes in your clothes for the wings (even though they are chimerical), it made me wonder about Satyr's hooves.

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    Hooves can fit into shoes, or atleast most boots, so they could easily wear them even if they do prefer to go bare hooved when possible.


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      The way I see it, mortal seeming and chimerical seeming are distinct (more or less) so even if a satyr cannot wear chimerical shoes (or can she ?), the mortal seeming still have feet and then she can wear real shoes.


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        Or... Just get garment that is both a pair of nice shoes for human feet and satyr hooves as a chimerical quality.

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          I imagine, how it can be somewhat terrifying for a Satyr teenager...

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            And now I want to play a boggan shoemaker. "Young lady, don't you want to look both fabulous AND never worry about losing those high heels? And yes sir we also have them in your size."