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Give me you Balor deformities!

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    Try this idea deformities of the mind. The prankster who aways goes to far. The eternally laughing maiden whose eyes are cold and bitter. The knight who seems always ready to fly into a rage.


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      Try this physical trait. Infestation. The beautiful sidhe crawling with bugs.


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        A Sidhe Lord with six additional eyes that form a 5 pointed star around the forehead. All six eyes seem to act independently of one another, even blinking out of sequence.

        A Knocker Squire with an oversize cranium that pulses with bulging veins. When asked about it, they smirk and claim that their head is 'bursting with new ideas.'

        A Boggan Squire with a third hand where their right foot should be. They claim to be able to carry out three tasks at the same time while standing on one leg.

        A Troll Knight who violently refuses to go outside during the day, claiming some nonsense about 'turning to stone' under the sun's rays.

        A Satyr Baron who's chimerical head is replaced with that of a goat's. They communicate in broken, disjointed sentences due to the complications involving their vocal components.


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          Inspired by Madame Medusa from Marvel Comics, a sidhe woman who's hair twitchs and writhes. This is very subtle in her mortal seeming and dramatic in fae from. She has figured out certain cantrips that let her use her hair like Madame Medusa at the cost of glamor. So while it's still a deformity she cam surprise.


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            Sidhe Lord with a vertical third eye that, when fully opened, takes up 20% of their forehead's surface. The tear duct is located directly above the bridge of their nose.

            Sluagh Knight who has no eye sockets and instead navigates their surroundings through heightened senses of sound, smell, taste and touch.

            Redcap Knight with an unhinging jaw, opening their mouth to disgusting proportions as they prepare to take a bite out of something.

            Pooka Squire who has a blow hole on the back of their neck. They claim it saves them the trouble of having to buy a snorkel when they go swimming.

            Eshu Baron who is clinically deaf; they can still tell amazing stories, but can't hear them.

            Troll Lord with a chimerical second head who provides commentary and advice derived from their alternate Legacy.

            Satyr Baron who has an extra pair of inverted horn growing up from the back of their cranium and over towards the front. Together, the two sets of horns vaguely resemble a crown of nobility.

            Selkie Baron with a pair of enlarged tusks, their appearance bares a closer resemblance to that of a bloated walrus than a playful seal.

            Piskie Squire who is missing their right hand, claiming it was amputated long ago as punishment for stealing.
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              A water deer Pooka, who's prominent fangs often cause strangers to confuse them for being a vampire.


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                I guess a Satyr of House Balor with the same problem as Priapus would be kind of tacky.

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