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  • 1001 C:tD Story Hooks

    1, 2, 3, Go!


    1) You know what the great thing about being a Changeling is? The semi-immortality that lets you relive the passions of youth over and over again. Unfortunately, not everyone devotes this gift to a life of service. About 15 years ago, one of the Unseelie became a serial killer and murdered quite a large number of people. They were eventually caught by the police and sentenced to death, but their spirit just plopped itself into a new host. Now they're back and picking up where they left off. The mortals believe them to be a copycat killer, but your kind knows the truth!

    Now notice how I said Changelings were only semi-immortal? Yeah, there is a way to kill us permanently. But in order to do so, you have to invite Banality into your heart. If we let things continue on like this, the killer is just going to keep coming back and racking up more victims. But who among us is strong enough to make that kind of sacrifice?


    2) Wanting to spice up their sex life, an entitled Satyr hired a Nocker to fashion her a magic collar. The transaction seemed to be legitimate at first, until they actually tried to use it that night. Turns out, the magic within the collar is cursed. That was no ordinary Nocker, they were a member of the Shadow Court, and the once respected Satyr has become a revolting Nasty who's conduct in court shocks and appalls both Seelie and Unseelie alike.

    Needless to say, the other Satyrs are raging pissed. They demand that whoever fashioned the collar be made to answer for their crime. But not before they reveal how to break the curse, because as far as anybody is aware, they can't get the collar off her without resorting to decapitation!


    3) A Pooka being appointed to the position of royal adviser? Sounds impossible, but then again, doing the impossible is what the fae are all about. Everybody knows that the information they give regarding the current political and economic worlds of Changeling society are blatant fallacies, but the ruler of their house manages to derive useful information out of them. Plus, they find their bold, exaggerated claims to be a source of great amusement.

    It turns out, the local ruler of the Pooka's house has been regressed to Childling state, and their sense of humor is more carefree than that of more mature nobles. Changing seemings is not unheard of, but what concerns the fae is the spontaneousness of it. The change seemed to happen over night with absolutely no warning ahead of time. One second they're a stoic and dignified Grump, and the next, they're a playful, giggling Childling! Their house suspects there may be more going on than here than meets the eye, but they aren't getting answers out of either their leader or the royal adviser...

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    4) A Mermaid and a Selkie are in mourning, having been forced to leave their child on dry land until the time was right for them to undergo their chrysalis. Unfortunately, somebody else got to their child first, and now they've become a Murdhuacha. As if that wasn't bad enough, they are significantly less than pleased at having been passed around foster care homes for the last 10 years and now they're venting a life time of repressed feelings on everyone around them!


    5) You and a fellow commoner made a bet to see which one of you could seduce and bed a member of the nobility first. Unfortunately, the bet involves you both trying to win over the same target, which means you're friendly competition involves trying to sabotage each other at every turn, while also making yourself come across as charming enough to catch the noble's interest. The nobles are smart cookies, however, and every time you fail to get the job done the window of opportunity shrinks. Eventually, they're going to catch on to what you two are doing, and they're probably going to be furious about it, too!


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      6) One of the Childlings underwent a traumatic experience and was on the very cusp of becoming Undone as a result. Before their faerie soul could become dormant, they escaped into the Dreaming and have used its power to ease their troubled mind. But they can't stay in the Dreaming forever, not with the threat of Bedlam looming over their heads. But if they return to the Autumn World, all that banality they accrued will come crashing back down upon them.

      While both options are survivable, neither of them are a proper way for a Changeling to live. Which is why they've decided to reach out to you in their most desperate time of need. This young Changeling wants somebody to help them commit banal suicide, sending their soul on to its next life, where it will have no memory of the suffering inflicted upon it.

      Only problem is that this Childling is an actual child, and their mortal family is not privy to their true nature!
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