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    So it feels should have gotten an art by now for the Earth. We have Fire in Pyretics, and Weather Arts kind of mixes Air and Water. But we are lacking in an Earth themed power. Considering Fae are often tied to being underground, the very Nobles of the Fae the Sidhe should be building their Kingdoms under the Earth, Redcaps, Trolls, Boggans, and Nockers are affiliated with Caves and the Underground and the Nunnehi with many legends of their peoples coming from below the Earth and their Faeries living there.

    But we have very indirect Earth Powers, like okay you can turn into Earth/Stone in an elemental sense. But it feels we should have gotten a full on Earth/Stone Art, with heavy emphasis on its subterranean aspects, like how Pyretics deals with Fires Purifying aspect.

    I mean at the very least I want my Sidhe to harness the Earth to hide from the World, and Trolls to get strength from the Earth. This seems like particularly viable design space.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Yeah, that would be a good addition. Creating tunnels, mounds, reshaping architecture, quaking open the earth, all seem appropriate Cantrips in the Art.

    Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


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      I've honestly have been wanting to write an Art for this, it's bugged me that there wasn't a earth focused one outside of the use of Primal.

      Things I've got scribbled down include cantrips that let you hide in the earth, take on elemental qualities like a Troll or Redcap developing Stony growths for armor, speaking to stone similar to Primal, hands of the of the mason letting the changeling shape the earth, and something that would let a changeling connect to the earth and draw power from it though it could be accomplished through unleashing.


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        I've been looking for a place to put Medusa's gaze and other "transform objects into living and vice versa" outside Naming which kind of goes all out and similarly something like straw into Gold since metamorphosis doesn't cover these things outside Unleashing maybe.


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          I once was trying to make the Hsien more Changeling like and started writing Pyretics versions for each Chinese Element (Water, Fire, Metal, Earth and Air). I gave up a while a go, mostly cause I didnt like how the arts ended, but I created Geotics, the Earth Art. It is based both in the Hsien arts and in the Pyretics, so a lot of it is based more on the general ideas, concepts and qualities that go around earth than on literal earth. Hope it help you guys:

          Table A
          Success Duration
          1 Glamour Turns
          2 Glamour*30 seconds
          3 Glamour minutes
          4 Glamour*30 minutes
          5 Glamour hours
          O Mapping Earth - Using this power it is power to perceive the earth's surface perfect, knowing the geography and the terrain in any way.
          System: The changeling can perceive the terrain, and geography of whatever land mass he decides to go through. This perception is circular, around the target. The success must be split between precision and details and range, but at least one success is needed in details and precision. The more success in the details makes a better and more precise picture (follow the Table C for general ideas). The precision is related to the scale of the map in percentage of error. For example, if it is a map of 1:100 m with 2 success to precision, it is an error of 5 m. The scale of the map is decided by the fae who created the map.
          No secrets places (including secret freeholds) will be revealed by this way. The realm decides the target, where the map will be centered around. It can't be used to create a map of internal structures (like of what is inside a house or the map of a maze), only outside structures, and small similar objects may simply be considered one structure (like many tress will appear as a some brushed area written woods, not appearing each individual tree).
          To activate the effect the fae must choose a surface where the map will appear (a piece of paper, sand on a beach, a piece of wood, water on a bucket) and it must be reasonably flat. The effect creates a map of the region, in the style that better fits the surface chosen, but the fae may add or change details (but not the information) of the map. Also, any inscription will appear in the native language of the fae, if no language is given. If so, must be a language the fae understands. If the map is Chimerical the effect is Chimerical. If the map is mundane, the effect is Wyrd.
          This can be used in the Dreaming, but the constantly changing nature of the Dream will make any map useless pretty fast.
          Table C
          N° Success Details and Precision Range
          0 - Glamour meters
          1 General streets and terrain (10%) Glamour *2 meters
          2 + Alleys, buildings, terrain details (5%) Glamour *10 meters
          3 + Buildings dimensions, elevations of terrain, bigger street names (2%) Glamour * 100 meters
          4 + Landmarks names and drawings, street names (0.1%) Glamour Kilometers
          5 + Biggest stores and famous places names, (0.005%) Glamour * 10 kilometers
          Chimerical or Wyrd.
          OO Hard Work - The fae can use the endurance of earth at his favor when doing some strenuous activity.
          System: While using this power, the fae can call for the resilience of the earth while doing some task that requires continuous effort, and is physically tiring or requires a considerable amount of patience and attention, for a long time: building a house, forging a weapon, running for hours. Actions that take a long time but are neither physically or attention demanding, like reading a whole library or writing a book, this power does not apply. For continuous tasks, the Realm define the kind of work is being made (Building something: Prop; Playing with Childlings: Fae; Help your mortal Girlfriend to buy a dress: Actor; Swimming up a river: Nature). Multiples uses doesn't boost the amount the success, and the power can be used only once for each continuous work on something, without meaningful stops (like sleeping or going for a walk, not just going eat something or toilet stops). In this case, all the success are lost. Chimerical.
          OOO Antaeus Protection - The fae can make any structure around him stronger just by standing there, and share it vitality.
          System: The fae that uses it makes any building or ground structures (walls, ceiling, ground, floor, stairs, etc.) around the target stronger and more solid. The success must be split between defense and duration, following the time table A. Every success given to defense gives it an extra soaking dice against damage. Also, while the target is in Arm reach to the any of those structures, all of bashing and half of the lethal damage the target would take is direct to the structure, at an limit of the success given to the defense per attack. This effect also annul any effect that takes out the strength, hardness or solidity of the structures nearby. Wyrd.
          OOOO The Weight of The World - As is the Earth that pulls the objects to it, you can claim it to pull it stronger.
          System: The target of this power is suddenly pulled down, like if gravity is stronger on him. Is harder to the target to walk and move (or be moved). The success on it must be divided between strength and time, following the time table A. If used on a living target, it requires 1 + Success given to strength in a Strength tests, difficulty of 8, to push yourself out of the ground and even try any vertical movement. Don't matter the target the weight of it is increase by half. From 4 success of strength, the target must make a test of Stamina, difficulty 6, to not take a bashing damage every 5 minutes the effect lasts. Wyrd.
          OOOOO Commune with Hearth - In this level, the target can enter in a state of connection of Earth, and share some of its secrets and knowledge.
          System: With this power, the fae can enter in contact with the center of the earth, and gain knowledge of one of the things that walk the earth. The connection is only momentarily and give the fae knowledge of some subject of something that is, or was, in the earth. The knowledge must be a thing, like a person or object, not an idea or abstract concept. For example, if ask about Leonardo di Capri, it would tell his history and where he have been on the world, but if asked about Democracy no answer would be given. The knowledge is usually general, the success defining the amount of detail of the information. Anyway, the knowledge he knows he knows perfectly and instantaneously, reducing the difficulty in a value equal to the amount of success he got to an amount of tests equal his Glamour ratting, during the next Glamour hours. Also, he automatically succeeds in any test about the knowledge that is generally easy to find and not too detailed (like the name of all battles of the War of Roses, but not also the name of each General of each Army), and those tests are not considered on that amount. After that many tests and/or time expires, the knowledge returns to earth. The Realms define the knowledge target, with Scene targeting the history of cities or countries (like France, or "this city"), and Time of periods or events (like the war or roses, or the Mesozoic). The power costs 3 points of Glamour to activate, can't be used on the same subject for at least a year and a day. If it asks for a knowledge that includes the previous knowledge (like first asking about Pedro Alvares Cabral, then About Brazilian Discovery) no specific knowledge of the previous subject of his whereabouts can be find.
          This knowledge comes not only verbal, but multi-sensorial, so he would know the faces and details. Any knowledge that the fae gains that he studies about he maintain after the effect. This powers don't include knowledge about the Dreaming (cause it is not on Earth), nor knowledge about the formation of Earth nor the Time of Dreams. It also includes any knowledge that happen out of earth (like on the sea or in space), that somehow got his way back to earth (like stories told by sailors or video evidence). Current or too recent information cannot be found, cause earth takes time to reach the center, and ridiculous or too precise knowledge is also ignored (like where the 4th soldier to die on the Battle of Philadelphia feel on the ground or how many spots had the first Dalmatian)."

          Re-reading it now I see a bunch of things I dont like very much, (like the whole level 5 and part of level 3). I think both could be changed to more earthly effects.