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Hilarious Live Play (hopefully fixed)

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  • Hilarious Live Play (hopefully fixed)

    (Last Thread was bugged, had to request it's deletion. Hopefully this one works properly.)

    Okay, so since this is Part 2/2 of Chapter 2, I'll give a quick recap of the story up to this point.

    Basically, one of the Sidhe is trying to establish good relations with the Werewolves through an arranged marriage, but some pissed off Tzimisce is abducting Changelings from the Freehold and imprisoning them in cold iron boxes for research. She's also got a demon working for her, somehow.

    Anyways, one of the players is an Unseelie Pooka who wanted to create a simple water sword and present it to the Seelie Baron's loyal Troll as a gift so he could defend the freehold from further attack...

    He rolled... 10 successes on the crafting process. Which basically means that he created an artifact of the Dreaming's Heart, and now both the Unseelie Court and even the Dreaming itself are recognizing the Troll as the true High King. They're trying to start a full scale revolution and demanding that he march up to the Seelie Court and stab the current High King right in the face!

    This happy little accident has pretty much derailed the GM's plot as the players are now scrambling to prevent open war!