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    Been sitting on this one for a while, finally decided to go through with it: Some fun little character concepts for use in Dreaming.


    Alex Holmlund: "Yeah, I overheard them talking about it an hour ago. He says he's planning to fight you after school, today. They also said something about leaving a note in your locker, if you want to go check it out?"

    It is not uncommon for pookas to become tricksters with a habit of pranking others, but for Alex Holmlund, he doesn't seem to know when to stop. He greatly enjoys watching as his so called 'pranks' continue to snowball into bigger and bigger problems until somebody is finally forced to interject him. All he wants is to prove himself to house Aesin and earn a place among the nobility with the rest of the elevated commoners. Unfortunately, house Aesin was never fond of elevating commoners above their station in the first place, and their fixation with being brutally honest and straightforward means that they are even less fond of allowing a pooka into their ranks. Bottom line, Alex isn't going to get his wish any time soon. Rather than simply accept the situation with dignity and petition another house for sponsorship, Alex has decided the proper course of action is to act like an upset child and spread rumors around the freeholds until he finally gets what he wants.

    Alex's obsession with joining the Aesin is likely a result of the human he's merged with. Born of Scandinavian stock with a heritage that can be traced back to Nordic roots, it's no wonder why he would feel honored to count himself among the very house who inspired the vikings to greatness. Before his chrysalis, Alex was a school athlete who participated in both track running and acrobatics. After his chrysalis, he's one of the most nimble changelings around, perhaps second only to the perfectly graceful sidhe. His faerie soul was finally awakened just a little over 2 years ago when Alex decided to honor his ancestors by getting some tattoo work done. Even after completing high school, Alex still remains in awe of the chimerical reality and has yet to transition into a more mature Seeming.

    Alex is a squirrel type pooka of 19 years old, standing at a height of 5'0 and weighing 118 lbs. His true form has a human body with the ears, tail and muzzle of a squirrel, the proportions of which are scaled to his size, obviously. In his human disguise, he has short, auburn colored hair, brown eyes and light skin. His frame is lithe and flexible, perfect for acrobatics and climbing trees. On his back, he has a tattoo of the world tree, Yggdrasil, which depicts an image of a squirrel running up and down its trunk to pass conversations between an eagle and a great dragon.

    Kith: Pooka
    Seeming: Childling
    Concept: Trouble Making Gossip Monger
    Court: Unseelie
    Unseelie Legacy: Fool
    Seelie Legacy: Panderer

    Merits: Perfect Balance, Nature's Child

    Flaws: Iron Allergy (4)


    Chace King: "The world was better under the Fomorians' rule. They kept mortals stupid, they kept them weak, they kept them believing. Then your Tuatha came along and taught them how to grow, how to adapt, how to become stronger. And now look at the state we live in, look at what your sympathy for mortals has cost us. Our kind were never a threat to the Dreaming... yours, on the other hand..."

    A greater misanthrope is hard to come by when you compare them to the Thallain who goes by the name of Chace King. For him, restoring an age of magic and superstition is not just some lofty fantasy, it is a very real goal that he will go to virtually any lengths to obtain, even if those lengths include mass genocide. Nothing infuriates him more than being forced to blend in with the disgusting mortals. And nothing terrifies him more than the idea of a world utterly governed by Banality and secular rationalism. Mortals are not special snowflakes that must be protected, mortals are a fucking cancer that needs to be forced into remission before they kill us all! If the Fomorians are considered gods to the Thallain, then Chace King would be their prophet, for he seeks to pave the way for their glorious return. When that happens, the Fomorians will burn human civilization to the ground, and Chace shall be there dancing among the flames.

    Details of Chace's life before his chrysalis are left up to speculation. He personally severed any connection he had to his mortal identity shortly after it happened and has not given it so much as a second thought. The Chace that exists now, however, is wholly dedicated to increasing the Dreaming's hold over the Autumn World. He doesn't care about exposing himself in public. Why should he, when his ultimate goal is to restore belief (and dominance) for the supernatural? In preparation for the oncoming war, he has begun to refine his martial abilities, especially in regards to unarmed combat. Nothing commands respect like forcing an armed opponent to yield with only your bare hands. He has also begun establishing connections with Changelings and Prodigals who share his vision of a world free of supernatural oppression. Those who know him personally say he has been spending a lot of time consorting with something called 'the Sabbat.'

    In his true form, Chace is a proud Sevartal of impossible handsomeness, with dark hair that drapes around his shoulder and a bio-luminescent tint to his pale skin. In his human form, he is not quite so captivating, but would still be considered attractive by mortal standards. His angular facial features, wavy hair, green eyes and immaculate attire would certainly draw attention. He stands 6'0 tall, with a lean, yet athletic frame of 140 lbs and when addressing somebody who's existence he does not care for, he tilts his head at just such an angle as to be literally looking down upon them. His clothing is both form fitting and practical, ready to serve both in court or in battle, depending on how the situation goes.

    Kith: Sevartal
    Seeming: Prowler
    Concept: Prophet of the Fomorians
    Court: Shadow
    Nightmare Legacy: Terror
    Unseelie Legacy: Ringleader

    Merits: Sex Appeal, Art Affinity (Dragon's Ire)

    Flaws: Cleared Mists, Iron Allergy (4)


    Andreus Panagos: "Oh, don't worry about the smell, boy! That's just the scent of concentrated manliness eminating from me. Now if you would stop running away and throw a damn punch, maybe we could have some fun!"

    All satyrs are fueled by their passions. For some, they crave succulent food, others desire potent drinks, and of course, there is no shortage of those who seek the pleasures of the flesh. But for Andreus, his passion is fighting, and making a public spectacle of the whole thing. The adrenaline that comes with trading blows with another opponent, the roars of the crowd as they cheer for their favorite competitor, the joy that comes with knowing you fought to the best of your abilities, regardless of the outcome. All of this provides him with precious Glamour, and it is for that reason that he decided to start his own underground fight club, where bruisers from all over the city come together to beat each other senseless!

    Over time, Andreus has built his fight club into his own private freehold, the ownership of which is possessed by whoever holds the rank of grand champion. Andreus claimed that title by defeating everybody who challenged him in the arena, and it would seem that the Dreaming itself has blessed him with unnatural strength for a satyr. Recognizing his power and love for blood sports, Andreus was approached by a representative of House Balor, who agreed to sponsor his activities in exchange for a monthly tithe of Glamour. Unfortunately, joining up with House Balor seems to have afflicted Andreus with a terrible case of body odor which he can not seem to scrub off.

    In his true form, Andreus is a shining example of stereotypical masculinity. He is big, hairy and very muscular. His horns are nearly a foot long each, and he proudly displays them like some kind of fertility symbol. Without his horns, he stands at a height of 6'2 and weighs 189 lbs. he has a long goatee which curls at the end and medium length hair that he brushes towards the back. Both his hair and fur are black as coal, and his eyes are dark yellow. In his human form, Andreus' appearance doesn't change much aside from replacing his goat features with human ones, although he still maintains thick patches of body hair. His eyes also change from yellow to blue. His appearance suggests Greek ancestry, and falls somewhere around his mid 20's in age.

    Kith: Satyr
    Seeming: Wilder
    Concept: Arena Grand Champion
    Court: Unseelie
    House: Balor
    Title: Knight
    Seelie Legacy: Paladin
    Unseelie Legacy: Savage

    Merits: Blessing of Atlas

    Flaws: Parfum de Goat

    Note: In the Dreaming, Andreus' freehold resembles the gladiatorial pits of ancient Rome, complete with seating arrangements that span all around the arena itself. In the Autumn World, it takes the form of a sandy pit inside of a steel cage. The Freehold itself is located inside an old warehouse which only conducts operations at night.
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    Casey Byers: "Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to bottle happiness, yet. But I can offer you the next best thing!"

    As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Most people recognize the phrase as simply being a metaphor, but Casey Byers took it in a more literal fashion when he started practicing medicine without a license. His so called 'remedies' are little more than placebo effects designed to make his customers believe they are healthier than they actually are. For most people, such conartistry would eventually result in disaster for the one responsible. But the naivete of his customers reinforces the power of the Dreaming, which ironically gives power to his otherwise useless treatment options!

    Before his chrysalis, Casey was a con man who was forced to stay on the move to avoid the consequences of people eventually finding out his tonics and elixers were just bunk. When he finally awakened to his faerie nature, Casey noticed a surprising increase in the number of satisfied customers, and for once was able to settle down into a more comfortable life style. He knows that it can't last forever, and he'll eventually be forced to look for a new home, but at least he's bought himself a momentary respite from the angry mobs and townsfolk who want to tar and feather him.

    Compared to most of his kind, Casey may be described as an old man. Though in truth, he is approaching his late 30's. In his true form, Casey is a snake type Pooka with a human shaped body covered in orange and yellow scales. He has slit shaped pupils and his only form of body hair is located on his scalp. In both forms, he has short, chestnut colored hair and bright green eyes. He stands at height of 6'0 tall and has a very lean build of 142 lbs. He prefers to dress in high fashioned outfits, in order to reinforce his credibility as a medical professional.

    Kith: Pooka
    Seeming: Grump
    Concept: Snake Oil Salesman
    Court: Seelie
    House: None
    Title: N/A
    Seelie Legacy: Saint
    Unseelie Legacy: Rogue

    Merits: Regeneration

    Flaws: Allergic to Peanuts (4)


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      Trond Aamot: "Since ancient times, my people have always served as guardians and warriors. But I will not throw my life away by taking part in a losing struggle. If you feel the same as I do, then take my hand. I promise I will show you a cause worth dying for!"

      As stated by his own words, Trolls have a long and proud history of defending others (particularly faeries) from those who would see them harmed. But throughout the centuries and over the course of many reincarnations, Trond has come to see the writing on the wall. No matter how hard they struggle, winter's coming is inevitable, and those who remain in the Autumn World are not likely to survive the event. This realization weighed heavily on his mind, until he finally decided that suicide was a more peferable option to watching his people slowly die out. His body was found the next day with an iron dagger plunged into his heart, placed there by Trond's own hands. Conventional wisdom states that Trond should have been utterly destroyed by the weapon used to end his life. But much to his surprise, he awoke to a lush, beautiful landscape the likes of which he hadn't seen since before his first reincarnation. Climbing to his feet, he looked around and realized that this was Arcadia, he had finally returned home!

      Since his presumed death, Trond has become a member of House Danaan and spends the entirety of his time within the Dreaming itself. His death by cold iron was a mixed blessing, as it purified him of Banality, but also severed his connection to the Autumn World. He is stuck within the Dreaming now, and communicating beyond it is very difficult. When he does make appearances, he does so from within the Near Dreaming, as it is the closest he can get to the Autumn World in his present state. During these visits, he is always on the look out for potential recruits who are willing and able to turn their back on their human lives and commit themselves entirely to the defense of the Dreaming against the Fomorians and their servants. Should these recruits prove themselves worthy, he escorts them back to Arcadia, to be welcomed into the ranks of House Danaan.

      Since Trond no longer has a human body, he is always in his true form, which is massive even by Troll standards. Measuring at a height of 9 feet tall and weighing 550 lbs, the mere sight of the green skinned warrior is enough to send most opponents running. His hair is short and bristly, and is dark black in color, while his eyes are a pale shade of blue. He is often dressed in chimerical armor, baring the signature colors of House Danaan, with their crest emblazoned upon the chest.

      Kith: Troll
      Seeming: Grump
      Concept: Pragmatic Hero
      Court: Unseelie
      House: Danaan
      Seelie Legacy: Paladin
      Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist

      Merits: Huge Size, Blessing of Atlas

      Flaws: Cleared Mists


      Tobias Knoerr: "Sure, it looks pretty, but the design is completely impractical. Look here, this piece is just going to snap right off when the enemy hits it. Let me fire up that forge and I'll show you how to make a proper work of art."

      For as long as he can remember, Tobias has been enamored with weaponry, particularly those of the pre-gunpowder era. His fascination started when his father introduced him to his knife collection and eventually helped Tobias start one of his own when he became old enough to handle them responsibly. Blacksmithing was always a subject of interest to him, as he looked foward to visiting the renaissance fair every year to admire their medieval craftsmanship. Eventually, he decided to apply for the role of "apprentice" one year and discovered he had an uncanny knack for picking up the art. It was the creation of his first knife that sparked his chrysalis and stirred the faerie soul within him. It also revealed to him that the renaissance fair was actually a mobile freehold and that many of its more long term employees were actually fellow changelings, kithain and enchanted mortals. What was supposed to be a temporary volunteer job turned into a full on career opportunity, as Tobias devoted as much time and energy as he could into refining his craft. By the time the fair was over with, Tobias had absorbed enough knowledge to open up his own shop of hand crafted metallurgy.

      Since that day, Tobias has gone on to pledge himself in the service of House Dougal, where he forges weapons and armor for those in need. Perhaps it is fortunate that Tobias happens to be a Boggan, which enables him to meet commissioned deadlines in record time. In addition to his skill as a craftsman, which is already undeniable, Tobias pours his heart and soul into every original piece he makes. Resulting in a truly inspiring work of art that only the highest levels of Banality would fail to admire. In recognition for his abilities, House Dougal has seen fit to bestow him with a minor title, along with the promise of future advancement, should he wish to pursue greater opportunities.

      Kith: Boggan
      Seeming: Wilder
      Concept: Famous Blacksmith
      Court: Seelie
      House: Dougal
      Title: Squire
      Seelie Legacy: Crafter
      Unseelie Legacy: Fool

      Merits: Reputation, Master Craftsman

      Flaws: Caffeine Addiction (2)
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        Huh, surprised nobody else has given this any attention, yet.


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          Planning to. Just need to sit down and write out my character concepts.