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  • Fomori Creation for Changeling

    In my home Changeling campaigns, I use Fomori, and some Pentex Subsidiaries, namely Avalon Toys and King Breweries. Assorted members of the Unseelie Court, Dark-kin and Thallain have standing agreements with some Wyrm-tainted entities (corrupted Wyld spirits mostly). The creation of fomori minions is known to wicked fae, who use them as shock troops, assassins and guard dogs. From a Changeling's perspective, these are humans who are permanently bonded with a Nightmare Chimera is a lesser form of the Changeling Way.
    Fomori are partially aware of the Dreaming; they have the ability to see the mien of Kithain and any chimera the changeling is carrying or directly interacting with, but cannot see other chimera without being enchanted. Fomori cannot harvest Glamour like the Kithain, but instead have the power to regenerate a small supply of Glamour from their own personal Nightmares. All Fomori can store up to 1 point of Glamour (more with the Spirit Ties power), and regenerate 1 point per chapter up to that maximum. Changelings can Ravage Fomori as they would any other mortal.

    Below is the go-to system I use to create such creatures.

    Human Skin
    Create human Fomori like any other human, then give them powers.
    1) Prioritize three categories of Attributes: Physical, Social and Mental. Put six dots into the primary category, four in the second and three in the tertiary. Note that each Attribute starts with one dot.
    2) Prioritize three categories of Abilities: Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. Assign eleven dots in the primary category, seven in the secondary, and three in the tertiary.
    3) Fomori start with Willpower 3, Glamour 1, Banality 3. Purchasing the power Dreaming Ties can increase Glamour to 6.
    4) Choose three Fomori powers. Over time, a Fomori can develop new abilities. New powers cost (current number of powers x 3) experience points.
    5) Fomori have five dots to spend in Backgrounds. They can take up to three points in the following Backgrounds: Allies, Contacts and Resources.
    6) Fomori have 21 freebie points to spend. Each new Fomori power costs 7 freebies.

    These powers are all things that appear as deformities or coincidence to mortal eyes. Extreme powers are often hidden by the mists and quickly relegated to tall tales and urban legends.

    • Animal Control: The fomor can emit a high-pitched wailing only animals can hear. This summons a
    few of the most weak-willed or diseased animals in the area. The fomor can then command her animal minion to do anything it could normally do, albeit with purpose and almost human intelligence. For example, dogs can bite humans, rats can follow people unseen, or a cat can leap on someone’s face to scratch out his eyes.
    System: Spend one Willpower and roll Manipulation + Animal Ken (difficulty 6). If successful, the fomor can force one animal per success anywhere within 120 yards to do as he bids. The command must be simple, and it can’t be longer than five words. The effects last for one scene.

    • Armored Hide: The fomor has tough skin that’s resilient to harm. It might be a leathery hide that soaks damage, reptilian scales that deflect attacks, or an oozing discharge that causes weapons to slide off it.
    System: The fomor has an additional three dice for soaking lethal and bashing damage. The freak can also use those dice to attempt to soak aggravated damage (difficulty 8.)

    • Armored Skin: This ability is common among fomori. It might be a leathery, warty or covered in bony nodules and bark-like tumors. Or the fomor could just have very thick and calloused skin.
    System: The creature can soak and heal lethal damage as if it was bashing damage.

    • Claws and Fangs: The fomor has natural weapons similar to wild animal’s claws and fangs. They don’t necessarily manifest as teeth and talons, however. The monster may have porcupine quills, bone spurs, a jagged proboscis, or stranger, even prehistoric varieties of natural weaponry.
    System: The fomor can perform the Claw and Bite maneuvers; each attack inflicts Strength +1 aggravated damage. Whatever form these natural weapons take, they cannot be easily concealed, making the prospect of blending in with human society impossible.

    • Darksight: The freak has an innate affinity to see in darkness.
    System: No roll is required, but if the fomor is surprised by an extremely bright light, she’s blinded one turn for every dot she has in Perception. The power even works in the complete absence of all light.

    • Dentata Orifice: The fomor has a second, concealable mouth. The most common manifestation of this
    power is in the palms of the hands, the belly, or in place of a bodily orifice. When retracted, the dentata orifice is not visible — a fold of flesh hides the teeth, although the mound of skin that hides it usually looks disturbingly unhealthy.
    System: When the fomor succeeds with a Grapple maneuver, he can immediately attempt an additional bite attack (as long as thick clothing doesn’t separate his second mouth from the victim). Until the victim escapes from the grapple, the fomor can continue to make a bite attack each turn in addition to its attacks against other victims.

    • Dreaming Ties: The fomor has an innate connection to the Dreaming.
    System: This power can be bought multiple times; each time, the fomor gains one point of Glamour (up to a maximum of 5). The fomor can’t enter the Dreaming without a Trod, but she can use Treasures and learn Arts and Realms.

    • Extra Limbs: The fomor has one or more additional limbs, often manifesting as masses of tendrils. These limbs may jut at unnatural angles, or they may be extensions of the creature’s tongue. The creature might have methods of concealing some of these extra appendages, such as a pouch, throat sack, or tentacle gut.
    System: The fomor has an extra three dice for grapple attempts. It might be able to make those attempts at a longer range, depending on the form those limbs take. Tentacles replacing existing appendages may have the same sensory capacity and might perform some of the same functions.

    • Extra Speed: The fomor can outmaneuver a normal human.
    System: The fomor can take one extra action per turn without splitting her dice pool. This also allows her to multiply her normal speed by 1.5.
    Movement Normal Human Fomor
    Walking Speed 7 yds/turn 11
    Jog 13 yds/turn 20
    Run 20 yds/turn 30

    • Eyes of the Wyrm: The fomor has unnatural eyes that can terrify victims. Something about them is
    grotesque and outré. They might have strangely colored iridescent irises, irregularly-shaped pupils, a disturbing ability to bulge out, or a propensity to weep viscous fluids.
    The creature can dilate or otherwise distort their eyes at will, demonstrating the sorts of nauseating and repulsive manifestations the Wyrm bestows. Eyes are the windows to the soul, as the saying goes, but these lay bare the spiritual corruption that burns behind them.
    System: The fomor’s eyes appear normal until this power is activated. An opponent who looks the freak
    in the eyes must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or remain immobilized in horror for (five turns minus Wits rating; minimum of one turn).

    • Footpads: The freak has soft pads on the bottom of his feet, allowing him to move quietly.
    System: Lower the difficulty of all the fomor’s Stealth rolls by 2.

    • Frog Tongue: The freak’s tongue violently projects from his oral cavity, adhering victims to its extended lingual length.
    System: The fomor rolls Dexterity + Athletics to attack a target up to two yards away with her long frog
    tongue. Grappling maneuvers are possible; damage is equal to Strength. Pulling a grabbed target adds a two dice bonus to the fomor’s Strength dice pool.

    • Hell’s Hide: The fomor’s skin has a slightly reddish tint. It’s highly resistant to heat, fire, and radiation.
    System: Gain three additional soak dice only usable against damage from heat, fire, or radiation (which is normally non-soakable).

    • Lashing Tail: The fomor has an appendage similar to an extra limb; however, this lashing tail cannot be
    manipulated in precision interactions.
    System: The tail has a six-foot reach, requires a Dexterity + Melee roll to connect (difficulty 8), and inflicts Strength +2 damage.

    • Maw of the Devourer: The fomor can distend his mouth to swallow an object or creature in his grasp; the victim can be up to the size of a human being. If the fomor devours a living creature, the victim begins to suffocate (see Suffocation); if the victim dies this way, he’s digested as food. All indigestible objects are excreted within a day.
    System: The fomor must first succeed with a grapple attempt. Once each turn for the next two turns, the fomor can attempt an additional Dexterity + Melee check; this is resisted by the victim’s Dexterity + Athletics roll; if the victim succeeds on any of these rolls, he escapes. If the victim doesn’t escape within three turns, he’s devoured whole. The fomor can choose to let go of a victim before swallowing him whole; the victim can choose to attack instead of attempting to escape.

    • Mega-Attribute: The fomor has enhanced Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina.
    System: This power can be taken up to three times. Each time, the fomor gains an extra three points in a different Physical Attribute; Strength is the most commonly enhanced attribute. If an attribute is raised higher than 5, the fomor is obviously supernatural, inciting the Mists in any who see her. No attribute can be raised more than once this way or raised above 10.

    • Nimbleness: The fomor is remarkably dexterous, keeping her balance while performing feats that would throw anyone else ass over teakettle. This supernatural ability almost seems to defy the laws of physics; however, anyone attempting to post footage of these agile actions to the Internet will only capture crappy blurred footage. Truly impossible feats may trigger the Mists.
    System: The fomor adds two dice to all rolls associated with climbing, jumping, and balance.

    • Numbing: The fomor’s body becomes completely numb, feeling no pain. During this time, she feels no
    sensations. She can’t talk properly (as though her tongue is anesthetized), and she can cut herself without feeling anything. Some fomor become addicted to this release from suffering. For some poor bastards, feeling nothing is better than feeling pain, emotional or otherwise.
    System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 6). The effects last for one scene. The fomor suffers no wound penalties and has three extra Health Levels. However, when this power wears off, the extra Health Levels disappear; if the fomor is below Incapacitated, she dies and melts into a dissolving pile of muscle and bone. Fortunately, she doesn’t feel a thing.

    • Poison Tumors: The fomor is covered in noxious tumors that ooze a poisonous pus. When the fomor is hit by an attack, the tumors splatter everyone within reach.
    System: The power is activated when the fomor is hit with an attack (even if the attack doesn’t inflict damage.) Victims within a yard/meter must immediately attempt to soak three dice of lethal damage (or five dice if the fomor is bitten.) If the fomor is attacked with a melee weapon, the attacker can attempt a Dexterity roll (difficulty 6) to avoid the splatter and the need for a soak roll. Anyone attacking from a distance with a firearm is safe, of course, but a fomor hit with bullets will still splatter pus on anyone within reach (or one yard/meter), whether friend or foe.

    • Shadowplay: The fomor can manipulate shadows about himself, pulling them into a veil of darkness. Most people cannot see through this obfuscation, but the fomor using this power can see through it.
    System: Roll Wits + Stealth (difficulty 6). The effects last one turn per success, unless the fomor spends a Glamour point, in which case it lasts for a scene. This affects an area up to about 30 yards in diameter. Seeing through this veil of shadows is someone is actively looking and using Perception + Kenning; using a perceptive supernatural ability (such as Soothsay or a vampire’s Auspex) adds one automatic success to this roll. Each success on the activation roll also adds a die to rolls involving Stealth or Intimidation.

    • Slobbersnot: The fomor’s skin is covered with warts that can secrete a thick, runny slime. The goo is almost frictionless. It can help the freak get out of a tight squeeze or a through a small space. However, slobbersnot dissolves almost instantly in sunlight.
    System: Spend one Willpower point; the effects last for one scene. Any opponent’s difficulty to grapple or grab the fomor suffers a one die penalty. The fomor gains an additional soak die against blunt weapons (such as clubs or fists). However, anyone trying to track a fomor with this power reduces the difficulty of the tracking roll by three. Slobbersnot stinks.

    • Stomach Pumper: The fomori vomits all that he’s recently eaten in a torrent of acidic stomach fluids.
    System: This attack has a range of 25 feet. Each blast of regurgitation can cover a single foe; most fomori can’t spew like this more than three times a day. Roll Dexterity + Athletics to hit (difficulty 7); each successful attack does two dice of damage. The victim can spend a point of Willpower to avoid immediately stopping what he’s doing and retching uncontrollably for one round.

    • Water Breathing: Take this power once, and you can breathe underwater. Take this power twice, and you won’t need to breathe.
    System: No roll is necessary, although the fomor may suffer from decompression when rapidly changing depth underwater.
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    Alternately, you could have powers available by accepting temporary Banality as a kind of parallel to Autonomy from Possessed. On that track, instead of becoming undone or the like at Banality 10, they shed their flesh to become malignant spirits.


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      Originally posted by Saur Ops Specialist View Post
      Alternately, you could have powers available by accepting temporary Banality as a kind of parallel to Autonomy from Possessed. On that track, instead of becoming undone or the like at Banality 10, they shed their flesh to become malignant spirits.
      I like the "becoming malignant spirits" part.


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        Well done!

        It is a time for great deeds!