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    Before Changeling came out (and before I could find Changeling players), I always LOVED the shape-changers, Mages and Vampires with any connection to Faerie. I particularly like the were-critters with a connection to the Fae. And so, in constructing a campaign setting, I typically allow for some Fera to be involved with Changeling society to one extent or another.

    These shapeshifters are to be found in my games:

    Black Spiral Dancer (Werewolves): These twisted Garou have long-held ties with the Shadow Court and can occasionally be found at court. It is considered scandalous to have Dancer allies and friends, and only the darkest fae do so (such as House Balor).The Seelie Court will not host them beyond what protocol demands.

    Celican (Bastet Werecats): During the Interregnum, most Celican were in Arcadia and were nearly forgotten in the Autumn world, thought extinct by the Werewolves. But since the Return, these were-cats are again a force in the world. Celican are numerous at court (in my campaign) and can often be found in the Dreaming. House Rule: These beings are considered permanently enchanted, being able to perceive a Changelings Fae mein if the Shapeshifters Gnosis exceeds the Fae’s Banality. They are immune to Bedlam or becoming Dream Struck.

    Fianna (Werewolves): For the most part, these werewolves are too caught up in their war to be too involved with court and the struggles of the Fae. But a few will have greater connection, such as the Tuatha De Fionn and those with Diana as a totem.

    Kitsune (Were-Foxes): The Kitsune Were-foxes are as enigmatic as any Fae. They are particularly prized as court magicians, philosophers and technologists, all of which the Kitsune approach with style. A large number of Kitsune are to be found in the courts of the Duchy of Eternal Myst. However, they are also numerous elsewhere in the courts of Concordia. House Rule: Available as a PC in Changeling games.

    Nuwisha (Werecoyotes): More numerous among the Nunnehi, these were-coyotes are frequent allies among the Fae. The Kingdom of the Burning Sun has the most contact with the Nuwisha, where they are frequent guests at court.

    I am curious as to how and if you guys use Shapechangers in your Changeling games?
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    Not particularly but for some special plot hooks I did use a Fianna once. But never to or around the gates of Arcadia even if an old misguided canon plot made this crazy idea something of a local possibility. It was more of a meeting tied together by actions of players which allowed a Fianna to interact with the Changeling party and bump elbows with the troll and satyr a bit through noble house affiliation which so happened to be endorsed by a Fianna kinfolk ran bar. Kitsune not so much with this type of supernatural with good reason. Celican are a bit of an enigma.. the players probably wouldn't have enough time to even get to know what they even met and are surprisingly underwhelming in this circumstance which is a shame because they are indeed Changeling aligned. Black Spiral dancers not so much but there are exceptions out there who have the Fae blood and have turned their back on the Fianna and become unseelie affiliated.

    To me Fianna are so much easier to run by historical contrast.

    (Edit: Since we are on this topic. does anyone know what book the--> Rune Cantrip is located. I cant recall where it was stashed and I got some things cooking on that side of the board with some top notch regal Seelie court re-Wards. Get is Rune = wards. XD ok.. ._. I know its corny..)
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      I have a Bonegnawer Elder in my current Chronicle who is a mentor and Ally to the training/summer camp the players are currently at. His role in Portland, Or is strange as he is permanently enchanted by a former lover and now uses his fairy sight to find runaways and send them to homes to take care of them, he has two adopted Pooka sons and a Wolpertinger god daughter.

      His argument to other garou about the matter is this, we find lost Cubs of our own and we pull them into the fold. Why stop at our own Cubs? These kids are as scared as any lost Cub and they need proper training for their potential or else they're as dangerous as those lost Cubs who go feral. He has opposition in both changeling and garou society about this, one Sidhe of rank views Prodigals as no better than Thallains and a Silver Fang views the resources Papa Opossum is putting towards this work as a waste especially with how these changelings are taking potential Caerns!


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        I'm still firmly on the party that the Kitsune and the Tengu should have been Fae rather than Shapechangers to the point where I've thought about creating write-ups for both as Kiths.

        That being said I have seen Sidhe Lords who often had Celican as Spys and Favored Enchanted Courtiers, calling back to the stories of the Cait Sith. I know that certain tribes of Garou have....Mixed opinions on the Fae. I've seen the Fianna have a love hate relationship with the Fair Folk while the Get of Fenris if I remember correctly have a huge hatred towards House Aesin due to Members of the House using the Get as Steeds against their will.
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          I'd just have a question: Do you know such an instance when / where a Caern and a Freehold coexisted?


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            There is some (brief) discussion about Werewolf and Changeling crossovers (in the context of the game Arcadia) here, with reference to some of the original source books where this was discussed:


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              Nunnehi were said to have connections with the Pure Tribes, Gurahl, Nuwisha, Corax, Pumonca, and Qualmi of the Americas. Nunnehi initially were said to be Fae of Both Americas so I can see the Balam maybe having more connections with them beyond the Kachina. Really though we never got info from the Nunnehi point of view. But they didn't have too shabby Fera Relations. With C20 Fae have godlike powers and can do a lot for healing desecrated nature.

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