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An uncommon realisation of True Love Merit

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  • An uncommon realisation of True Love Merit

    Hello All,

    Some time ago I came out with a new thought about the True Love Merit, but let's start it with the basics:

    The C20 description (I hope I don't breach any Copyright rules, if yes, please delete this stuff.):
    "You have discovered, and possibly lost, true love, providing you true, if painful joy. Whenever you are suffering, in danger, or dejected, the thought of your true love is enough to give you the strength to persevere."

    As my English skill goes (it's just a 2nd language for me) the plural form of love is love. And it's in the air, like a contagion.
    Is it it possible to have true love towards several person? I would say yes.

    It would have serious advantages: You wouldn't loose the Merit if just one of them dies. Serious drawbacks: Trying to save & protect all of them.

    And great in game impact.

    Also this game is about faeries, who could limit their potential?

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    I'd say no. The trope of True Love is all about finding The One, or your other half. It's not about finding The Many, or your other thirds, etc.