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Thallain and Unseelie court

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  • Thallain and Unseelie court

    So, I'm reading a great novel of the Dreaming called the Toybox ( and in it it mention the equivalent of Seelie Troll being Unseelie Ogre. According to C20, Ogres aren't Kithain but Thallain. Is this a novelist mistake ? Can Thallain be part of the Unseelie court ? The book says they can never be Seelie, but only mention they could join the Shadow Court.

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    Ogre is also a term for an unseelie troll, just like goblin is a term for an unseelie nocker.


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      You’ll find discrepancies in just about all the Changeling fiction. They’re either a product of artistic license to tell a better story or they’re an artifact from being written before some of Changeling’s details were really set. Also, some things like Thallain mechanics changed between editions. In first and second edition, Thallain had two unseelie legacies. In C20, they get a nightmare legacy. I wouldn’t sweat the details. Just enjoy the stories on their own terms.

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