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    Howdy, everyone! I am researching Treasures from the old editions! It's a fun sort of thing to do. You know. Just 'cause.

    Anyway, I am curious as to what your favorite spiffy treasures from old editions might be. I am looking for cool things that are previously published, things I may have overlooked or missed or just never thought to employ in particular way. If you can, give me a book reference to the treasure and what you think is awesome about it, cool ways you used it, and ways you think they could be used outside the beaten path.

    Again, this is just for fun. Use only as directed. Operators are standing by. If still engorged after four hours, please seek medical help.

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    I'd have to go dig out my copy of Nockers to double check, but I'm fairly certain that it had some sort of clockwork armor in it, which I found rather neat.

    I've always lamented the lack of a Boggins book, because the idea of Treasures in the form of things like brooms and pipes always appealed to me for some reason.

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      Kithbook: Nockers - Everything! With Goblin Crossbows to the frickin' Ogre Mobile Fortress, how can anyone read through the book and not want to play a nocker??
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