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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    They didn't seem particularly evil to me either, then again even Huaka'i Po are less thallain then say Redcaps.
    I don't know the myths of them, but the writeup has them pretty clearly as the faceless armored types for the Formorians which I think is a necissary position if not a good fit for the myth.


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      Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
      As an extension of my previous post, I present a Thallain counterpart to the Paperskin: the Diabolic Record.

      Remember that idea I presented earlier, of Paperskins being conflated with demons? These Thallain are like if that myth came to life. But in truth, they'd be much older. Diabolic Records are the nightmares born of the fear of dangerous knowledge, and from evil revelations. When they became Changelings, they became as blasphemous tomes, so commonly writ in blood and bound in human skin. Their paper-flesh is often stained, and the scrawls made by a maddened hand, in far older languages, and in ruddy hues. Sumerian, ancient Sanskrit, old Chinese, and other tongues have been seen on them, and those that understand the texts often wish they couldn't. Their flesh is also often host to diagrams of a blasphemous, even infernal nature.

      Diabolic Records are driven to learn, yes, but do so in a destructive fashion. They steal useful knowledge for themselves - often going to the trouble of burning all other extent copies, so only they have it. They are also known to torture those with knowledge until they spill it, then kill them (again, so they can have the information all to themselves). They are also known to pen lies - plausible lies, usually, but untruths nonetheless - in order to confuse people as to which set of information is correct. A given Record might set themselves up as reputed scholars or individuals of intellectual authority, in order to maximize the chance that dangerous untruths are spread.

      For indeed, one of their greatest preoccupations is not just learning (by any means necessary), but also manipulating the flow of information towards the most harmful ends. They'll steal positive information - knowledge that could possibly lead to good results - and remove them from circulation. Consigning people to ignorance, that they may continue their cycle of uninformed errors. Whole Tragedies - worthy of Shakespeare - have been propagated by Diabolic Records withholding the right information at the wrong time, simply for their own amusement.

      On the other side, Records will seek to spread information - true or false - that is negative, in the hopes that it will do the most harm. Secrets kept "for the greater good" are released, while intense or dangerous knowledge or texts are given to those who would least benefit from knowing it. A copy of Mein Kampf given to impressionable youths, or an underage child being given access to graphic material (of any sort) that is sufficient to emotionally scar them. Do not be mistaken in believing a Diabolic Record is interested in truth for its own sake. She won't release knowledge of a high-ranking executive sexually harassing employees, for instance. Doing so might lead to the executive being fired or even jailed, which would be a positive outcome. She's more likely to cover up such info, while releasing evidence of a different executive's casual but consensual and harmless affair, resulting in his company taking a hit in the stock market and losing one of its more talented (if morally imperfect) men.

      And, of course, let's not forget that there really IS dangerous knowledge in the World of Darkness. Set aside "normal" dangerous knowledge, like how to create bombs or chemical weapons, or how to hack people, or where to go to buy drugs. We're talking about knowledge of evil things. Diabolic Records often spread the secrets of summoning demons, binding banes, or calling down the attention of things from beyond the stars. Few Diabolic Records are foolish enough to consort with devils themselves - that's a suckers game. Instead, they find infernal tomes, and do what they and their Paperskin kin do best: make copies. If a random copy of a book on summon demons or channeling dark magic winds up in the locker of some emotionally disturbed high school student, it might have been the work of a Diabolic Record.

      Then again, the Diabolic Record might opt to instead just leave that kid the address of where some gang bangers hide their cache of automatic weapons. Because that address IS, in fact, knowledge.

      That these Thallain truck in information to derive their sadistic jollies is part of why they can be so successful. They rarely get their hands dirty, unless they are already prepared to get away it cleanly. Like the beforementioned torture of a person for information, which the Record will most likely do in the privacy of their own library dungeon. Most of the time, the harm they cause is a result of disrupting or facilitating the spread of information, in such a way that other people do all the harm for the changeling. As such, a Diabolic Record will often operate freely in a given city for years before being discovered.

      Unless their search for knowledge gets the attention of those who would rather not be known. More Diabolic Records die from the fangs of vampires than is usual for fae beings.
      I'm wanting to use this, and give them some sort of ability to teach tainted Sorcery. So maybe they are just viable teachers for Sorcery to mortals, or they could have an Inuas like effect where they can allow temporary one shot Cantrips. Or maybe they have the power to teach Sorcery they don't know, but they have to be paths somehow associated with their own Magical Nature. Like if they know Legerdemain they may be able to teach the Path of Conjury.

      It is a time for great deeds!