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  • Kinain tribes/clans/families

    It feels to me there should be large tribes of Kinain, or call them families or clans, which are more or less stick together. This would be for the benefit of changelings born of their blood, providing groundwork and structure that is glamour friendly to avoid banality as well as to cultivate their kinain gifts each generation. Changelings seem to more strongly reincarnate into kinain bloodlines after all. I see them somewhat like tribes of garou kinfolk or the Giovanni or the revanents. I would imagine the houses could already be doing this but most of them would be commoner families, with some trying to mix with the great houses.


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    I think about 20 years ago, someone pitched the idea of a book about various arcane and paranormal bloodlines, including the various Revenant families, note-worthy Kinfolk and Kinain lineages, Medium families, and mystical groups (like the Celtic shape-changing family from WoD: Sorcerer, pure blooded Wyck families, long established acolyte clans and the like). Unfortunately, it never went anywhere, which is a pity because it would've been kind of cool.

    I keep thinking that there was a family line of Sidhe in either Immortal Eyes: The Toybox or Isle of the Mighty, but don't have my books available to check. I think the Scathach would be likely to have something like this.

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      In canon, there are the The Kin - who are mixed Fianna Kinfolk/changeling kinain with a fairly high possibility of going through the First Change or going into Chrysalis. There' is also a family of kinain in Brittany, France and the Irish Fenian sorcerers, who have the Path Natural merit for Shapeshifting, and are kinain and/or Kinfolk. The bloodline's running thin in Sorcerer revised, but I ignore that, because I can.