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Are there rules for changing between Seemings in C20?

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  • Are there rules for changing between Seemings in C20?

    Going through the C20 book I've been reading up on the Seemings and while I've seen mention of that it's possible to change between them, I could not find any rules for this. Did I miss something, or are they not present in the book?

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    There are no rules in c20 there were in previous editions but those no longer apply.


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      Yeah in C20 there aren't any mechanical systems governing how a changeling moves from Seeming to Seeming. It most suggests that it's done through role-playing and story events. So a childling moving to wilder will be one that decides they want to express their fae side in more practical ways, or the wilder comes back from their journey, learned and experienced everything they needed to and are ready to settle in, and they become a grump. Stuff like that.


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        So kinda similar to changing between Seelie and Unseelie.


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          After the chrysalis, you're a fledgling. Fledglings are implied to always be childlings and then proceed to age based on how much banality they've been exposed to. However, instead of a game mechanic, it implies that this is left up to roleplaying and that it's even possible to age out of order (grump to childling to wilder, for example). Essentially, your outlook on life is what determines your seeming, while banality affects your outlook on life, with roleplay determining how those effects work instead of a hard rule.