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Enchanting the faded?

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  • Enchanting the faded?

    So in the book it says it's a really bad idea to try to enchant the undone, but what about enchanting the faded? Do they remember their fairy self but are treated as kinain? Or is it the same as for undone? If the book says so, I'm not finding it.

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    I'm not familiar with the termin "faded". Doesn't it come frome the Lost?
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      Page 366: All fae know the desolate end to which they are doomed.
      No matter how bright the spark burns, no matter how fierce
      the spirit, eventually Banality wins. Through a natural Fading
      or an unnatural Undoing, the Mists can cloud even a fae mind.
      Most remember nothing of their lives as changelings, waking
      from what seems like a long dream to lead normal, average lives
      like any other mortal.

      Looking through the rest of the book I can't find any other mention of fading, so I'm guessing it must just be a slower way to become undone.
      Can anyone else confirm this?


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        I just searched through my C20 PDF for fading and faded, and that's the only mention of whatever process that is.


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          As is, that just sounds like an alternate phrasing for "Undoing" - aka death by Banality.


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            Originally posted by tasti man LH View Post
            As is, that just sounds like an alternate phrasing for "Undoing" - aka death by Banality.
            Yep. Maybe it was an idea what was dropped during the editing but was preserved because of the correctors' failure. Wouldn't be the first time.

            Or, as written above it's the "natural" erosion caused by the Banal environment.
            In that case an Undone and a Faded are mechanicaly should be / are the same and the differences are purly semantic.

            Addendum: "No matter how bright the spark burns, no matter how fierce
            the spirit, eventually Banality wins." - What a bulls*it. With a good build / right source of Glamour and caution a Changeling could whithstand Banality until the Fimbulwinter.
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              Faded could mean "chimerically dead" or some variant of temporary forgetfulness of their fairy nature. If that's the case i Imagine enfusing them with glamour would properly restore them of course since it may be difficult to tell the difference between temporary and permanent undone status it has dangerous consequences.


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                Given the context of the text there, I always assumed that "Fading" had been the term for when an individual didn't become completely undone before the span of their mortal life ended - AKA when they suffered a very real, physical death and their soul was forced to reincarnate, the Mists thereby taking the memories of this life when it goes to the next and pushing them back into the Dreaming.


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                  The Fading is the process by which changelings who lack Glamour risk falling into the Mists. It was a big deal in C:tD 1st and 2nd ed., and was described in details in Autumn People, p. 32, and Book of Lost Dreams, p. 37. I regret that C20, probably for simplicty's sake, did not include these systems.

                  But yes, to answer the original question: a changeling can be rescued from the Mists by an infusion of Glamour. However, in C:tD 1st ed. there was this rule that only oathmates could share Glamour. So, in my game, it is not technically possible to "enchant" a changeling lost to the Mists. But it is possible to bring him to a freehold where he will receive Glamour from the balefire and so be restored from the Mists.

                  Here is the process how I revamped it in my Winter game [in brackets]:

                  "Banality higher than Glamour : The Kithain is in danger of temporary memory loss whenever her [temporary] Banality is greater than her [temporary] Glamour. This generally begins to occur after a story is over, and can take days to week, depending on the Storyteller’s discretion… Roll [permanent] Glamour against the Kithain’s [permanent] Banality each time the Kithain is not actively touched by Glamour. Failure means falling into the Mists."