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  • Combo arts

    Combination powers are a staple of various other games. Whether its built in like Mage or are unique techniques like for Kindred or Wraiths the idea of two powers combined using their themes to create something greater than the sum of its parts is well a thing.

    While you can explicitly effect Cantrips with Cantrips ala Fae 5, what about something more what about specialized regular techinques that allow a mixture of multiple arts without having to build a whole new art to justify the power.

    For example I've long wanted to make a "gorgon's gaze" power. I've played around with constructing the art of transmutation to cover it, but perhaps it would be better done as something like Primal 4/Metamorphosis 3

    I wonder if this is a good idea though, between the flexability of arts, realms, and Unleashings this might add too much.

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    I was meditating on this as the potential higher tier power. But then I decided it may work better as a ritual power, like a group unleashing, possibly how the changeling way works.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      That's another thing we don't have mechanics for. Group effects. We know in the fluff that's a thing but its not mechanically covered.