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On Hsien and The Nature of the Fae

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  • On Hsien and The Nature of the Fae

    Fact A: Fae are born from the dreams of humanity.

    Fact B: Hsien are, effectively, divine spirits animating human bodies.

    Question: How does B preclude A? Why should it follow that the Middle Kingdom would not have any Fae because of the presence of the Hsien, beings that don't interact with Glamour or the Dreaming in any demonstrable way?

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    A isn't necessarily true in the setting mind you, but just one belief among the Kithain. If you take either Dark Ages Fae or Exalted: the Fair Folk as the prehistory of the fae it isn't true, for instance.

    That said, I'm all for having the Hsien be something different entirely, and have proper Changelings all around the world. However, I'm not aware of that even being mentioned as a possibility in the published books, and I haven't even seen any fan things about it.

    At some point in time I plan on converting the Hsien to Changelings using the kith creation guidelines, and making new Arts for them (or maybe reskinning existing ones) inspired by the existing magic system for Hsien, but that's a lot of work.


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      The Book of Freeholds seems to have torpedoed the possibility of bringing the Hsien more into the fold.

      I would've liked it if Hsien stayed fundamentally the same, but simply state that they are cut from the same cloth as Kithain: that they can see chimerical reality, that Yugen is essentially Glamour, but that the Hsien see things through the lens of a China-centric spiritual background, framing the world not in dreams but in prayers to heaven.

      Doesn't look like it's meant to be, sadly.