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The Children of Baali Fame and the Dreaming

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  • The Children of Baali Fame and the Dreaming

    So I got to thinking, the description of the Children that the Baali worship is normally tied to Wraith, with them being some sort of Oblivion Tainted Ur-creatures. They fit well with a Story in Analects of the Third Garden in the story of the Let their Be Light knocking out some emanations of Unbeing.

    But they are basically mummified inhuman things whose very presence warps reality, and the Baali often worship them for favor, or to keep them sleeping. But I just get this vibe that they would be pretty nifty if they're origins actually lie in Changeling. What if they are say Gods of the Nightmare? Like maybe they are Fomorians whose Corpses warp reality by merging it with chimerical reality. This would also explain why they are also very vulnerable, they are dead fae who are prone to banality crumbling them.

    It actually gives me some Pennywise vibes. I get the feeling the Baali, and Mortal Infernalists who stumble on them just get the tip of the Iceberg, but Changelings who stumble upon them can see their presence warp the local Dreaming. Maybe they attract or spawn some associated Dark Kin. I'll touch upon that idea probably after I finish reading C20 and get to the Dark Kin Chapter.

    I feel Changeling could due with actually getting into the fighting the Fomorians portion of the Metaplot, and this would be a good place to start. Maybe surviving Fomorians arrive and want to recruit their dead brothers, or perhaps they know if they Eat their Fallen Brothers they can grow stronger. There are a lot of plot hooks I would like to explore with this idea. Like the local Faery courts notice a rise in nightmarish Chimera flooding the area, they need to find the cause and resolve the issue or the local Freeholds are donion rings. And then the Thallain and or Dauntain Arrive called to the corpses of the Kings of Nightmare...

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I always thought the Dreaming makes sense as predating the Tellurian.