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  • A Red Branch Knight novel series and setting

    Hi I want to create a YA novel series the First in the series will becalled A Red Branch Knight, set in Fae Empires of North America in 21th Century of the King-Emperor of Seelie Court and Empire of Unseelie Court.

    Like changeling setting it has a Fae Feudism overlapping modern day Human nations, and there are Fae Races other then Sidhe nobles

    When a Human looks at a Fae they only see a normal Human this due to the simple fact that Humans only see what they want to see other people, The Red Branch Knights are my Fae version of the Knight's Templars,

    King-Emperor of the Seelie Court is based on English one while Iron Emperor of Unseelie Court is based on Imperial Germany.

    What I need to know will I get sued by Changling's RPG creators and owners?,


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    The World of Darkness IP owners don't have a monopoly on the concept of modern day fae stories, but if you think your story is similar enough to the licensed Changeling setting that you have to ask, you're starting on shaky ground. Especially because the Knights of the Red Branch are already part of the Changeling setting.

    Out of curiosity, if your YA series gets adapted into movies or TV, do you have any ideas on who you'd like to cast?

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      First off I'm changing the title first in the series The Last Red Branch Knight, um Knights of Red Branch was the name Loyalist Military group in Northern Ireland, On Humans looking at the Fae Race to most Humans as Human but there Feudal era clothes and weapons aren't invisable to Human eyes.

      Second thing is that my Dutchy of Sunshine Coast will be were the first novel starts, since it seems that officially I can't get into the Changling RPG setting.

      I'm also a huge fan of a Song of Ice and Fire series and setting, I want my YA series to have that Urban Fae series to have some it's flavor.



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        Well again I would like help with this, yes there will be a Fae Feudal Society overlapping are 21th Century North America, like in Changeling North America is split between sevrel Fae Kingdoms covering over USA, Canada, and Mexico.

        I'm not Jackie Cassada, Neil Gaiman or Guillenno Del Toro when comes to the Fae.

        Also my version of Fae races split between Seelie and Unseelie

        such as Sidhe/Drow, Troll/Orc



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          Wait you are going to want to delineate some differences in the setting. Like why would you have Drow and Orcs, that is a Dungeons and Dragon thing is this not going to be based off of popular fantasy media or old myths and folktales? Why would the Trolls be Seelie, the idea of honorable trolls is contradictory to myths, that is one of the inventions of Changeling the Dreaming.

          Are there going to be lots of types of Fae, or are they going to be condensed to some handful of core species? Why are European fae dominant in North America? Are European fae just the Universal Fae of the setting, or did they take over North America with the European mortals. How does an average fae differ from a mortal? Does it come with automatic benefits? How do you handle Fae magic?

          Do other supernatural beings exist? Or for example are things like werewolves fae? What about ghosts, or mortal sorcerers?

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            Well like in Changeling there are hidden from Human Sight but they don't have Voila, Human normally can't see there True forms they look like Humans to them, No in this world there aren't any other Supernatural beings in existence.

            My version of Red Branch Knights Order is officially among the Fae above both Courts, above politics, above Kingdoms and Fiefs,



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              Honestly, being as its pretty much Changeling with the serial numbers filed off anyway,...wait a few months and then release it on the Storytellers Vault when Changeling unlocks. Well, thats what I'd do anyway.


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                I'd distinguish the setting more if you want it to be your own unique thing. Changeling is a kitchen sink setting, so it's designed to let you play in the style of lots of different fictional worlds. But unlike Vampire, where you can clearly see the influences of Rice, Lumley and others, Changeling has much more that's original. I'd be careful of that.

                Drow are a D&D thing, but dark elves in general should be fine. But consider how different Dark Eldar are to the Drow, and think about how you can make yours individual.

                Orcs, as we currently think of them, are very much a product of Tolkien, codified further by D&D and Warhammer (I think the latter is responsible for making them greenskins in most popular culture). You could take the looser usage of 'orc' prior to Tolkien to refer to demons. That's from things like Beowulf, so justified, but the term is rather nebulous. I'd use that vagueness to really make them your own.

                Courts and feudalism is very Changeling. Why do you need it? Seelie and Unseelie could refer instead to their origins rather than their politics. Maybe the Unseelie are faeries spawned from the dead (this fits things like the Wild Hunt), while the Seelie are created at birth from among living beings. Or maybe one is descended from good gods/angels while the other is from bad gods/demons. Maybe they come from the Summer or Winter Realms of magic, which are different planes of existence. Maybe fae can be spawned in multiple ways, and the nature of the spawning defines whether they're Seelie or Unseelie (if it's positive and dynamic, they're the first; if it's traumatic and entropic, it's the latter).

                Feel free to mix things up. Maybe the Summer Court is ruthless, arrogant and domineering, while the Winter Court is secretive, calculating and manipulative. Neither is good. One is just more openly controlling and pompous than the other. Maybe Winter is about conservation, family and isolationism from humans; Summer is about profligacy, individualism and feasting on humans as a plentiful source of power.

                Maybe all supernatural creatures are a type of faerie. Vampires are the blood-sidhe and banshees. Werewolves are the shapechangers. Sorcerers are faerie-blooded humans (or, in the case of warlocks, humans who steal faerie power through sacrifice, defiling faerie rings and forcefully coercing captive faeries to do their bidding).

                There are ample myths to draw from without being a Changeling clone. Just refer to the original sources for inspiration rather than the game books. Otherwise, you may as well release it via Storytellers Vault.


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                  This is Original Setting idea also I'm going to using this idea for Urban Fantasy setting in Chicago during 1930's, there are Two Pod's in this setting the Great War flung opened the gates to the Fae Realm, and effected so badly that both Courts were exiled to North America the Iron/Winter Court in USA and Seelie/Summer Court.

                  The Second POD is the Volstead Act in our world it got watered down due to lobyists in the USA Goverment, well in this setting the Act is the original version.

                  Order of Fae Knights:

                  Summer Knights: the Imperial Guard of the Seelie Court made up of High Elves loyal to the Seelie/Summer Court

                  Winter Guard: Dark Knights made up of Dark Elves loyal to the Unseelie/Winter Court think Darkblade from Warhammer

                  Red Branch Knights V2: an order of Knight dedcaded to Law and Order, the second version was created as a Police Force for the Fae the best and brightest and the main character of this setting is the only Human in the order.

                  Fae Laws: Both Courts use Feudal Society Laws and Court such as Pit and Gallows, which all Knights as nobles can deal out on the spot.

                  Glamour Wine: Glamour Wine is Fae version of Coca Wine it gives Fae a nice buzz but Humans it's Cocaine in a bottle, production and selling for Humans is punished by Pit and Gallows.

                  Pixie Beer: Pixie Beer is Human Beer with Pixie Dust added to it, The Dust causes the Beer to glow and when drunk by Humans a really heavy buzz, another drink making and selling to Humans punishable by Pit and Gallows.