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Notable uses of C20 arts

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  • Notable uses of C20 arts

    I thought it was worth having a place to list interesting uses of C20 arts.

    As an example, in a crossover game we were hit with an area effect that forced shapeshifters back into their native form. As the person who had talked the wereshark into joining us I discussed with the GM and we agreed that, since using Primal 4 to imbue an air breather with water allows them to breathe water, the opposite should be true and imbuing a water breather with air should make them able to breathe air. Much of the ensuing battle was about people manipulating the invisible airshark to serve their side's purpose.

    Additionally, I used Metamorphosis 4 with time 3 to grant a pillowcase the bite of a hippopotamus on demand. It wasn't an easy brawl roll to shove a pillowcase over somebody's head, but the damage roll was worth it. For reference see here.

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    So we were hunting for pirates and they had bound a chimerical cloud as their means of propultion. It was a giant cloud. I used Metamorphosis to turn it into a snake of equal size and it went all Kaiju on the ship.


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      Wayfare is incredible when combined with creative arts.

      Use Wayfare 1, Scene 2 and Prop 2 on a house to rip it out of the ground

      Use Wayfare 2 and Fae 5 to end a cantrip early

      Using Wayfare 3 on yourself to warp bullets back into your enemy

      Even more uses, which I cannot think of at the moment.


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        Originally posted by Froggo View Post
        Wayfare is incredible when combined with creative arts.

        Use Wayfare 1, Scene 2 and Prop 2 on a house to rip it out of the ground.
        You can't without Unleashing.

        We play a crossowerewolf. The characters were surrounded, all extis were blocked with enemy, were below the surface (with half a kilometer) in an (unusued) heaven of a elder vampire.
        (Background information: We have a song in my country called Here goes a steam train to Kanizsa", witch is usualy played on weddings, the (drunken) people grab eachother, form a line, sing the song and the first one makeing choo-choo sounds. It's really embarassing...
        For a reference:

        You can guess: the Changeling Kinfolk organized the blooded, half-dead garou into line - still in Crinos form -, started to sing that evil song, played the part of the train driver and they danced the vampire's stone sarcophagus around & around until they teleported away.


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          Ooh, I forgot one.

          Metamorphosis 1 Prop 2ish (I had plenty)

          Change a rusty metal door into a rusted shut metal door to buy time.