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  • Changeling and Cults

    So something that seems weird to me is changelings never addressed the idea of being Worshiped as gods. I know their laws are to stay hidden from non enchanted mortals, but this is mostly for self defense. But if you went out of your way to brainwash a cult revolving around you, or your freehold it gets around a lot of the defense issues. This feels like this would be a thing especially with the Sidhe who seem to have a big hardon for being regarded. I can see Unseelie in general being big into this since it represents freedom and passion for them.

    And while you can still be Banal and have faith in a changeling and magic, it feels like it would be in the right direction. As the mists fade memories in a manner in line with your mortal way of thinking, if you believed the Fae were your gods then the mists memories would be shifted into that paradigm and you would just have the details faded. In fact you don't even need to enchant everyone if you do it this way, people could have faith in you and your magic, and don't need to see your Mien. In fact they would notice it in others when people are temporarily enchanted and can see your mein but also take not when it wears off and you don't have memories of what you saw but everyone else would have memories that you said you saw all these fantastic things. Fae magic seems very conducive to making a Cult. Especially with how their magic works in C20. And if you let them touch your treasures they can be temporarily enchanted, and this could be done with demonstrations without the risk of gaining banality from failed enchantments or wasting glamour.

    It kind of feels like all changelings should have a way to gather glamour through faith, like Hsien, through nature, like Nunnehi, and through dreams, like Kithain. I mean many European Fae did value worship, but also valued the wild spaces.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Well there was a Pooka example in the Kithbook that did form a cult of alternative medicine and lifestyles, he formed a commune where he is their religious leader, took away things that could lead to banality, open relationships for everyone especially him since he was the Holy Leader so the next generation growing up had a healthy amount of possible pooka blood flowing through them. He wanted to show the fruits of his labor once it bore fruit, try and get other changelings on his boat of self made divinity.