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Why can't you muse negative emotions?

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  • Why can't you muse negative emotions?

    The fluff promotes the idea that the Unseelie are out promoting nightmares, giving children bad dreams etc. But there's no real way to back this up. Unseelie are treated first and formost as ravagers. As those who take glamour by destruction.. but why can't they spend time inspiring nightmares, rousing the anger to inspire works of art or even action

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    Presumably the way how you do this is this mysterious Dark Glamour...which they didn't get into in core C20.

    ...otherwise, yeah I've heard of house-ruled games where you're allowed to Muse for negative emotions.


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      They are kind of contradictory on some stuff. I would allow musing of hate and anger personally. One thing some forget is you are supposed to only be able to ravage Dreamers, some treat it as anyone though.

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