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How noble title and holdings inheritance works in Concordia and elsewhere?

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  • How noble title and holdings inheritance works in Concordia and elsewhere?

    Is the system described anywhere in any details?

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    farcical aquatic cerimonies involving a lady lobbing a scimitar at people


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      To clarify: I am mostly interested not in ceremony, but in logic behind who gets the title and/or freehold when the former owner passes away.


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        Book of Freeholds has some notes on passing freeholds to new owners.

        Title probably isn’t by bloodline since changelings don’t have them. I’d imagine either the one above the noble who died or the Dreaming itself appoints a successor. There’s probably a good bit of politicking and backstabbing involved.

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          There SEEMs to be some level of adoption. At least on the Kingdom level, heirs are adopted.. and there's an Heir merit.


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            I’d say that as all Nobles with holdings tend to have lesser Nobles serving them, be they Squires or Knights, they may name any of them as their heirs and as such ones to claim their titles and holdings should they perish. In the cases where a heir has not been chosen the noble whom the now dead noble served under will appoint a new holder of the title and holdings.

            Naturally nobles tend to favor members of their own House so when a Gwydion Baron who has served under an Eiluned Countess dies his title and holdings are either inherited by an heir he has named, likely another member of House Gwydion, or if he has no heir apparent his title and holdings are herited by whomever the Countess desides, likely a member of her House unless she has more to gain by playing politics and giving them to a member of another House.

            Or that is how I see things going more or less. Naturally YMMV.


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              Actually rereading KIngdom of Willows here's generally how things go in that book anyway:

              IF there's no one to claim the Title, they hold a lottery of potential contestants(this is how Meliange(sp) became king)

              He explicitly names Ferlith his Heir. So she would become king after him and seems to have adopted her officially in Changeling society and may have done so mundanely.

              As King he gave the Dutchy of the Triangle to his good friend because he could and no one was there to say no.

              Now whether Titles can be removed.. that's the question.